From Jailer to Jailed Plagiarist Felon on Probation Bernard Kerik wants to party on your dark money donations!

April 3, 2015

From Jailer to Jailed Plagiarist Felon on Probation Spokesperson Bernard Kerik wants to party on your dark money donations!

Plagiarist Felon on Probation “Spokesman” of 501(c)(4) Bernard Kerik wants to party on your dark money donations! 

Picture Credits: New York Post Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed

Yes, thug Bernie Kerik is on Federal criminal supervised release and was so unrepentant he was recently denied early release telling Judge Preska he couldn’t find work! The joke is obviously on the Southern District of New York, Judge Preska and us!

USA v Kerik Bernard Kerik denied early release Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed

But all the time he’s writing a book to profit off his crimes. He is now making money although still not working “full time”…A very sweet deception if you ask me…

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
Meanwhile, felon thug plagiarist on probation, Bernard Kerik, owed the USA over $187,000 in criminal restitution. 

As a convicted felon on supervised release, Bernard Kerik must report all income on a sworn financial statement. Somehow he has convinced the court he can only afford $250.00. However, Bernard Kerik and his Housewife in New Jersey, Hala Kerik, party at Money Bar and live in a $2 million estate. Fuzzy Math?

Now a thug on probation who owes criminal restitution to the USA he cheated, cannot hold any office, especially a profit making organization. So, thug plagiarist Bernard Kerik is now “spokesman” of the American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform known as This is a 501(c)(4) organization so it’s dark money so they can fill the coffers with gobs of corporate, political and individual donations. Also, as a “dark money” gig, they are not obligated to divulge the names of those who donate. This is a risky venture for a felon on probation. Who will be donating? How much? Nobody has to know. It got Bernie jammed up with the FEDS before. He doesn’t know how to go legit! Bernie gets his “cut” as “spokesman” and the feds are satisfied with their $250.00/month? 

Here’s a DONATION CAUTION though. The website doesn’t clearly post the registry information proving the American Coalition for Criminal Justice Reform is properly registered with the government. The last time Bernie Kerik had a “non-profit” associated with him, it was listed in his indictment investigation! I live for the day….

But wait, there’s more! This thug felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, is asking you to fund his “Truth In Justice Tour”. 
Picture Credits: Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed
Bernie Kerik has to report all his travels to the FEDs. The word “truth” associated with thug Kerik is absurd in itself! Is this Bernie Kerik’s full-time work? Maybe Judge Preska may be convinced now. Maybe the good citizens of the USA will pay for Bernie’s criminal restitution so he has no punishment. Once again, no lessons learned. 

By the way, in all the numerous pity whining media tour promos for From Jailer to Jailed, has Bernie ever uttered the words, “I’m sorry” “I take responsibility”? Nope. He’s “made some mistakes”, “didn’t need jail”. The way Bernard Kerik et al has harassed me lately, he and his thug friends should be in prison. However, it’s hard to catch a thug who knows the law. Most thug felons use guns and knives to hurt innocents. Bernard Kerik destroys souls, lives and reputations. 

While in prison, Bernie vowed to me, in anger one day, he was going to tour the country, especially college campuses with young women with the intention to “make up for all he missed” in prison. I wonder what that was  about? It appears now Bernie has made good on that declaration and he found a way to do it on OPM Other People’s Money.