Felon Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed I’m a celebrity so ‘I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry’

April 4, 2015

Felon Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed I’m a celebrity so ‘I’m Done Saying I’m Sorry’

Felon Bernard Kerik, first-class thumb sucker, wants you to know US Federal Probation and The Southern District of New York are harder on him than the common unrepentant perp because he’s a celebrity so Bernie Kerik is “Done Saying I’m Sorry”.  

In the most candid interview to date, Alan Colmes, on his Fox News Radio show, submits to Bernie he doesn’t seem remorseful. Bernie reacts. Watch Bernie’s body language get big at this insinuation

Credit: Alan Colmes Radio Bernard Kerik www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

In his new book, “From Jailer to Jailed” there is one single fleeting reference to Bernie’s expressing remorse, “I am accountable and responsible for how my life has turned out thus far…”. Being “accountable” is not an apology or remorse. Going to prison is not a substitute for showing remorse. Confinement is punishment. Remorse is a a lesson in action.

Credit: From Jailer to Jailed Simon and Schuster Bernard Kerik www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

In our version of the book, it would have been a theme throughout the read. BB, maybe that’s why you lied about my existence to everyone so now you have to threaten and harass me out of speaking my truth. This is the reason why the book is tanking after the first days of sale. BB, as we discussed many times in the visiting room in Federal Prison Cumberland MD FPC, “sorry” is a humbling action verb. Being “sorry” is not about words but a change of heart in deeds and actions every day, even when the media is not looking, BB. The daily actions of repentence and the state of grace known as “being sorry” in a genuine manner is not for sissies. The average American has a very good BS meter. They and I know better, BB. 

Inmate 84888-054 Bernard Kerik didn’t change his ways despite he and his family being humiliated by his own actions and imprisoned. Bernie Kerik manipulated $93000 from me from behind prison walls, took my work product without permission, credit or compensation, then published it in From Jailer to Jailed to profit off his crimes! For the record, I have NEVER received an apology or restitution on that “mistake”. 

Bernie, if you want to attempt to deceive, deny or delude yourself and the public regarding your lack of character, shaky moral compass or total lack of remorse by asserting “celebrity” status, you have proven in all your media appearances this week, there’s a platform for that dribble. So far as the rest of us who live an ordinary American life, you remain the libel-proof thug plagiarist felon you’ve always been despite the manipulative kid pics, badge or a suit.