About Us

DoingTimeWithBernie.com is a exclusive docu-blog & memoir about an accidental friendship between then Federal inmate #84888-054, Bernard Kerik, and the woman who befriended him, Dara D’Addio. Dara has a unique, provocative, exclusive reflection of the former 9/11 NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik. Dara and her family and friends have been threatened, served, sued and even attempted with arrest. All have been dismissed “in the interest of justice”. This blog is a testament to the coveted 1st Amendment of the US Constitution where Dara D’Addio and the staff here at DoingTimeWithBernie.com consider themselves “experiential journalists” with a goal of truth. Bernard Kerik, through his unscrupulous attorneys and friends, have called her stalker, mentally ill, hanger on, extortionist. This blog cites the contrary and our right to our reputations and commitment to the truth!