Syndicated News Truth; Bernard Kerik was Fed Inmate #84888-054: He IS NOT NYPD’s Police Commissioner

July 10, 2015
Syndicated News and Ruthie DiTucci published one of the most bold and truthful articles regarding felon Bernard Kerik ever! You won’t read this in popular mainstream media. These truths deserve a reprint or you may read it here in its original 12/27/15 published format: “Bernard Kerik was Fed Inmate #84888-054: He is NOT NYPD’s Police Commissioner” by Syndicated News Ruthie DiTucci (credit: Syndicated News @SyndicatedTalk)

Bernard Kerik was Fed Inmate #84888-054: He IS NOT NYPD’s Police Commissioner






Credit Syndicated News Bernard Kerik William Bratton
William Bratton [on the left], built a solid law enforcement career that spans decades, beginning in Boston, then Los Angeles and he’s served as NYPD Police Commissioner twice. All in all, he has a very dignified work history.
Bernie Kerik [on the right], was raised by an alcoholic prostitute mother, who was later murdered by her pimp (view New York Times article at the end of this article where Bernard himself identifies his mother’s profession). He worked numerous jobs in law enforcement but eventually wound up as an inmate in a federal prison.

By Ruthie DiTucci
A dangerous news trend began with the onset of 2014’s world tragedies. National news stations desperately competing for viewers began empaneling 3 to 5 specialists whether they were knowledgeable on the matter at hand – or not.
From  psychiatrists to psychics, news anchors led their panels through highly impassioned talks and out-and-out yelling matches. All over American televisions these panels argued about everything from Hurricane Sandy and the CT school shootings to Boko-Haram and ISIS. In most cases the professionals were fairly qualified in the topics they were discussing in some cases they were not.
The most dangerous aspect of this type of staged programming began when television programming producers and ‘guest schedulers’ brazenly invited former criminal, Bernard Kerik as the fountain of wisdom on all and any world matters without mentioning that he was freshly out of prison.
To further the blatant identity theft, anchors and interviewers began referring to Kerik and addressing him as “Commissioner.”
Some of the most important stories being discussed was Bill Cosby’s carousel of rape victims and then again the chaotic article about the University of Virginia published by Rolling Stone. This is an important notation because many of Bill Cosby’s victims and many other rape victims watch television as both a news and an entertainment source. What do they see on the panel? A known felon.
How can the public take a news program seriously when the featured guest is Kerik, offered as the source of information? This is especially damaging when many of Kerik’s victims are watching this criminal on television when they could have presented a qualified but also respected opinion.
You have to ask yourself, “why would any legitimate victim of any kind of assault respect Bernard Kerik (who is a felon) or the anchor/reporter interviewing the felon, Judge Jeannine Pirro whom was under investigation for asking Kerik to break the law for her by asking him to place a tracking device on the boat she shared with her husband to help her spy on her errant husband’s mistresses? How do you think the public saw that segment? Who made that decision on FOX to bring on Kerik?
By repeatedly interviewing Bernard Kerik as the legitimate voice of ‘law enforcement’ mainstream media and Bernard Kerik are complicit in giving the public the impression that he is somehow related to ‘the’ NYPD either as a spokesman or someone in good standing that is affiliated with NYPD.
When interviewing him for television, reporters fail to mention that Kerik just got out of Federal Prison. Instead they interview him and revere him as though he is an ambassador or a diplomat.
It is actually the most blatant and effective case of identify theft ever perpetrated on the American and international viewing public because it is being done both on television and on the news programs’ websites simultaneously and it is being done in the open.
Credit Syndicated News Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik [in the shackles] was Prison Inmate No. 84888-054 while he lived in the repeatedly addressed Kerik as “The Commish.” He didn’t say a word to correct her.
The background connection between the two of them is that when Judge Pirro suspected her husband, Albert Pirro of having an affair, she contacted Kerik, who was working as a private security consultant. It was the middle of 2005 and she wanted Kerik to place a tape recorder on a boat owned by the couple where Albert entertained his mistresses.
Judge Jeanine Pirro and Bernard Kerik surprised the FBI when they both wound up on an authorized FBI wire tap where Pirro was asking Kerik to place a tracking/recording device on the boat she co-owned with her husband.

The primary purpose for this article is to identify these two men, Police Commissioner William Bratton and Bernard Kerik are different and distinct each from the other.
These men have absolutely nothing to do with one another and are as distinct in their characters as they are in their accomplishments. The only thing that connects them is that Kerik fell from disgrace and once worked at NYPD. He no longer has anything to do with NYPD but no one mentions it.
Bernard Kerik’s attorney was Joe Tacopina, attorney to the stars, mobsters and rappers. Kerik is now suing Tacopina because he thinks Tacopina is responsible for his winding up in federal prison – again he assumes no responsibility for the trouble he gets himself in by his own hand.
Exactly one year ago this month, the Daily News did a great pictorial on Tacopina’s client list (take a look at this line up).

The most important reason we are posting this article, that may seem ‘old news’ to most people, is because these articles were published in 2013, and only published by the Daily News – not a national paper. The rest of the United States viewership thinks that Bernard Kerik is the new NYPD Police Commissioner. He said he was going to do that – he’s doing it and news media are helping him perpetrate this fraud.
Credit Syndicated News Bernard Kerik Joe Tacopina
Most Americans do not know Kerik’s history. We are sharing this information now in 2015 because mainstream media continues to interview, this felon, Bernard Kerik as though he is someone of importance whose advice the public should take seriously.
Kerik is the last person whom should be advising hard working tax paying Americans on anything. Remember that when he chose to hide money and not pay taxes, the taxes didn’t disappear. The rest of us tax payers made up for his theft.
Bernard Kerik should be keeping a low profile and stop making believe he is someone of importance that the public should oblige.
When television producers repeatedly invite him on television news shows, whomever is responsible for inviting guests on news shows is feeding into his megalomania.
Mainstream media has done the public two great injustices.
First, they fed the public ‘Kerik’ as though he were a legitimate, important law enforcement officer. Second, they have been denying the actual NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton of his true and rightful identity.
By repeatedly referring to Kerik as “the commish,” news anchors and reporters fuel his massive ego.
At the moment, the public does not know the difference between NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton (the true current NYPD Police Commissioner) and Bernard Kerik. The know there is an NYPD Police Commissioner but the only face they see who is referred to as the commissioner is Bernard Kerik.
And at this point in Kerik’s life, instead of accepting that his own criminal behavior got him a Federal Indictment and a prison sentence, he is blaming his old attorney for his problems and holds his attorney responsible for crimes he himself committed.

Bernard Kerik himself identifies his mother as a prostitute

He said that she was most likely murdered by her pimp. It is too easy to make such a salacious statement without supporting documentation. The statement was first published in the New York Times by Christopher Drew, published on November 9, 2001.