From Jailer to Jailed Felon Bernard Kerik et al defame, harass. Do you know this voice or phone 646.620.5378? Please assist.

April 1, 2015

From Jailer to Jailed Felon Bernard Kerik et al defame, harass. Do you know this voice or phone 646.620.5378?

Recently, voice mails have been left at a private phone number, no longer belonging to me, to which only felon on probation Bernard Kerik knows. Law Enforcement has intercepted these harassing calls and is turning them over to the US Federal Probation in Newark, New Jersey and the US Attorney’s office for any further investigation and prosecution. 

The nature of the voice mails is categorized as “threatening”. I am concerned but trust law enforcement to pursue the matter to an appropriate end. If it means Bernard Kerik goes back to prison, so be it. May that will help book sales!

Below-captioned is a portion of one of these voice mails. It was edited per a law enforcement request to not release the contents of the criminal threats, harassment. The caller threatened I should take down all my social media and cease blogging about felon on probation Bernard Kerik. It’s a tough choice to be hurt physically/defamed or be deprived of simply telling the truth. I own all the documents I publish. I can support every statement I make with documents and facts. I NEVER made any such agreement to keep documents private nor to be silenced about the horrible things Bernard Kerik has done…and there have been many before…

Do you know this voice? Do you know who owns this phone number 646.620.5378? I would describe the voice as an older white male, hefty breather, with some law or law enforcement/private detective experience. The harassing voice is not from a legitimate law enforcement source, has perpetrated unprofessional, criminal conduct and has no legitimate reason to contact. I have never been served with a “cease and desist” because everything I say is true and not against the law. I’ve been told this series of calls has serious consequences, especially for anyone on probation. I will prosecute to the full extent of the law. If you can assist, please send me an email to [email protected]. All replies will be directly turned over to law enforcement (Including the US Federal Probation authorities in Newark NJ) and my legal counsel. Thank You. 

Today is April Fool’s Day. Yes, a foolish prank, indeed, with very serious consequences. There are no coincidences….