Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating about Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed experience rather than speak of the special treatment he received from guards?

April 5, 2015
Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating about the harshness of Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed experience rather than speak of the special treatment he received from guards?
Felon Bernard Kerik has brought tears to the eyes of hardcover-clutching Mika Brezezinski, Newsmax buxom blonde bombshell Betsy McCaughey, older than dirt friend Marvin Scott PIX11, Fox News Radio’s Alan Colmes and more about his SHU Metropolitan Corrections Center Solitary Confinement “memoirs” in “From Jailer to Jailed”. Is Bernard Kerik exaggerating or lying about his MCC Solitary confinement experience then, now or just lying by omission? I was in almost daily contact with Bernie Kerik during his incarceration. Bernie told me about special treatment he received that made him comfortable as possible. I was told a tale of off-the-record phone calls from guards’ personal phones, pastrami deli sandwiches and a hot full course outside the prison catered Thanksgiving dinner served to him in his cell. Felon Bernard Kerik is libel-proof so that may give us cause to suspect he is lying by omission in his “memoir”.
Inmate 84888-054, Bernard Kerik, was transported to the NYC Manhattan Correctional Center to be held in “protective custody” during his testimony in the Frank andPeter Ditommaso Trial. Bernie, during his recent media appearances, makes it sound like his confinement more of the fantasy conspiratorial government targeting he’s been spewing of late to sell books. This “protective custody” is routine policy for “high profile” inmates. The “cannibal cop” was on the same block as Bernie as well although Bernie doesn’t speak of him. The Bureau of Prisons is responsible for all prisoner’s safety and Bernie should have appreciated that. If Bernie was put in general population during this time, and was hurt or killed, not only would it look bad but greedy, materialistic, New Jersey Housewife and child bride, Hala Kerik, would have sued the US Federal government for millions in failing to protect him!
The “memoir” Bernie spins in “From Jailer to Jailed” omitted the “special treatment” he was afforded on the way to the MCC, during his stay and on return.
I did not hear from Bernie Kerik during his incarceration in “protective custody” in the MCC. At the time, it was heart-breaking for me and the longest we had gone without nearly daily contact in the three years of his incarceration. I was a secret in Bernie’s life at the time so I had no choice but to wait it out… I had no contact with Bernie from approximately 09/26/12 until 11/28/2012. However, my phone log, which was recently downloaded as evidence in upcoming civil/criminal action against Bernie, documents the following call:

Inmate 84888-054 From Jailer to Jailed Bernard Kerik MCC phone log

Bernie Kerik was transported back from NYC MCC to Cumberland MD on 11/28/12 at about 14:49pm, when I received this  phone call from a block phone number. I answered it and the caller sounded like Bernie but it was an awkward conversation. He told me he was on his way back to Cumberland FPC but a guard allowed him to use his personal phone to call home and me. (Bernie Kerik had my number memorized. That’s how many times he’s called it from prison.) However, I didn’t believe it was really him because there was no typical prison prompt recording “this phone call is from an inmate in Federal prison…” to accept the call.

Also during this trip back, Bernie told me his guard asked him what he wanted to eat. Bernie said the guard brought him the biggest pastrami sandwich he’d ever see! It must be nice to have “special treatment”.  

At our next visit in Cumberland, MD, Bernie teased me about being so awkward on that off-the-record phone call. I was so afraid Bernie and the guard would be punished. He laughed about my being so cautious and careful about his illicit phone contact. Bernie then later explained to me about the transporting guard who allowed him to use his personal phone off the record. The guard was rewarding Bernie in remembering someone to whom Bernie granted a promotion before he died so city benefits can be increased. The guard was obviously paying it forward in a sweet but risky, rule-breaking act. Bernie also later told me on Thanksgiving, the guards brought him a specially catered full course meal just for him. Again, this is a nice gesture but far from the “feeding mice a la “Papillon” or counting cracks in the cell ceiling.

Here’s the prison email Bernie sent me the next morning, pretending first contact back to Cumberland FPC MD. Bernie made me swear to never mention the phone call or other special treatment while he was inside the prison system. I kept my word until now because Bernie Kerik is simply not telling the whole truth to sell books:

Prison email Bernard Kerik Solitary Confinement From Jailer to Jailed
I will attest the phone call is real because I received it and have evidence of it. However, what Bernie told me about his MCC “protective custody” experience is very different than the harsh tale he spins in “From Jailer to Jailed”. Bernie Kerik lies…a lot. A memoir doesn’t have to be exactly true but as the person remembers it. Everybody plays. Everybody wins. It’s Bernie’s way, always.

I don’t feel sorry for Bernie Kerik and neither should you. He is lying by omission and spinning tales to gain sympathy and attention for book sales to profit off his crimes. Perhaps Bernie Kerik should have thought of the “collateral consequences” of his actions when he was the arrogant, ungrateful, selfish liar cheating on his wife and the country he claims to love.