Judge to Felon Bernard Kerik: Get Over It

December 4, 2014

Bernard Kerik defamation suit against Joe Tacopina DISMISSED! Let neither Bernie’s racist rants nor his media appearances admonishing “Get over it” disrespecting Eric Garner family, distract attention from this story! (Read my post about that crazy crap here: http://bit.ly/1CH45yM)

Bernard Kerik defamation suit against Joe Tacopina (Kerik v. Tacopina) has finally been deemed moot, without merit and dismissed with prejudice in a whopping 63-page de ion and order by Judge Koeltl.

Without felon Bernard Kerik and his whacky “play mobsta” attorney, Timothy Payne Parlatore, defeated, how will the “New York Daily News Sports I-Team” will ever fill their pages? I got a big kick over the different tone of the headlines between the New York Post and Bernie’s former co-defendants, “The Daily News”!

Bernie has won in the sense that he had a venue to spew defaming, hateful, salacious accusations at Joe Tacopina. I suspect that was Bernie’s intent all along. All the more reason why Tacopina should proceed with his suit against Kerik. At least this clears Bernie’s court days for Joe Tacopina’s defamation against Bernard Kerik scheduled to continue on January 9, 2015.

And then, if there’s anything left of felon, liar Bernie Kerik, or his assets, there’s always that $93,00 he manipulated from me over the three years he was incarcerated! Then again, maybe he’ll send that hand-written apology on yellow-lined paper with $93,000 restitution. After all, it is the Season of Miracles…