“Get Over It” Bernard Kerik to Eric Garner Family, protester and public

December 4, 2014

Bernard Kerik told the family of Eric Garner, his family, protesters and the public to “get over it” and “Move On”. This felon on probation, corrupt disgraced cop, reacting to the Grand Jury decision in the Eric Garner case, was allowed yet another vial rant on Neil Cavuto Fox Business News show. The convicted felon went on to say if Both Mike Brown and Eric Garner had not resisted, they would be alive today. Delusional and Disrespectful! You must hear this for yourself: http://bit.ly/15PCfCa

Bernard Kerik deserves every moment of displeasure he is sure to receive, from these ignorant and callous statements. 
Felon Liar Bernard Kerik is not a Police Commissioner but plays one on TV. This rant was on the heels of another racist tirade Bernie Kerik executed last week where he referred to predominately black Ferguson protesters as “animals”, “savages” and “goblins in the night”! Read my post here: Bernard Kerik Deception Denial and his Racist Rants http://bit.ly/1z6rqEh
As someone who knows, intimately, the dark, cruel ugly side of Bernard Kerik, I can only offer my sympathies to Eric Garner’s family and all effected by this miscarriage of justice in the Eric Garner Grand Jury decision. As a former police officer I am devastated at the decision of a clear cut case of excessive force, with a medical examiner’s declaration of cause of death supporting same and possessing a clear horrific view of Eric Garner’s assassination on videotape. As a former police officer, I respect every honest cop but my training showed me five NYPD cops should be able to detain and arrest an unarmed, asthmatic, large resisting suspect without choking him to death! That’s not how it works. 
Felon Bernard Kerik has, once again, shown his lack of moral compass, ignorance of standard police training and his psychopath tendencies failing to recognize the need and time for empathy. The real Bernard Kerik is now exposed to the public! That didn’t take long (and I couldn’t be more content and relieved for the world to see it!)