Felon Bernard Kerik manipulates the Brotherhood!

December 6, 2014
I had mad respect for Former Navy Seal Jonathan T. Gilliam viewing his smart anaylsis on Fox News, etc. I honored his righteous outlook on service to his country and his solid Christian values. Earlier this year, on 03/08/14, on Twitter, Gilliam posted this about Bernard Kerik:
“How on earth is .@GeraldoRivera talking to Bernard Kerik as an “expert” on .@FoxNews? HE IS A FELON! C’mon, seriously? #nypd #NavySeals
I know the truth about Bernard Kerik’s broken moral compass. Bernie’s manipulation power and dubious connections in NYC media, politics and law enforcement remain from selfie king, Geraldo Rivera to Real (or not so real) Housewife of New Jersey Caroline Manzo and Newsmax CEO, Christopher Ruddy. Each has sold out in their own way and I wasn’t surprised nor judged them for their undying affection and loyalty to Bernie. After all, I was in that que at one time!
Jonathan Gilliam’s tweet restored my faith that someone of some credibility and media presence had the courage to back up their good values in words! 
However, even those with seemingly good judgement and solid values, like myself, do fall prey to the devil from time to time:

Jonathan T Gilliam met felon Bernard Kerik this week. Based upon this one meeting, Navy Seal and former FBI Special Agent, now proclaims to the world Bernard Kerik is “the real deal”. Well I guess that depends on the price and value of the deal. How much for your soul, Mr. Gilliam? (Perhaps some additional camera on -air time on Newsmax or Fox News?)