Bernard Kerik Deception Denial and his Racist Rants

December 1, 2014

Bernard Kerik Deception, Denial and his Racist Rants permeated our pure collective consciousness this week!

This week, in a desperate grab for ratings using the Kim Kardashian of justice reform, felon liar Bernard Kerik, CNN made the big mistake of unleashing Bernie on live television! Big mistake! In one appearance on CNN, Bernard Kerik likened black Ferguson protesters to “savages”, “animals” and “goblins in the night”!  The racist side of Bernie is well-hidden but reared its ugly head this past week. Bernie Kerik is too dumb for live television. He’s as bad a VP Biden or Barry Hussein Obama when his off-script vamping reveals his organic idiocy to the world. His racist comments inflamed and insulted an already bruised and battered America, erupting social media, especially twitter. (Mediaite:  “Fmr. NYPD Commish: Can’t Let People Act Like ‘Savages’ and ‘Animals’”

Credit Mediaite New Day Bernard Kerik Animals Savages Goblins in the night

Bernie Kerik did what he usually does when he’s stepped in it big. He got his boys at to run a big back pedal on Malzberg’s fledgling streaming news show.  It was ineffective so much so the video has since vanished from the Newsmax TV offerings. Bernie also threw in some random patronizing tweets to black people.


Then, Bernie’s last ditch Mea Culpa and distraction was to drag out the kid pics. This time it was his son, Joey all dressed in his Newark Police Department uniform standing in front of one of those militarized ERT trucks. (I bet black twitter loved that reminder of the heavy hand aimed at Ferguson protesters with the police militarization reminder!)

Credit: Instagram

This was a well-intentioned effort but thinking, informed peeps know Newark PD is one of the major municipal police departments cited for the lack of minority representation in the ranks. ( ). Additionally, Newark Police Department presently has the well-earned and dubious honor of being “examined” by the Justice Department for alleged practices in violation of constitutional rights! ( Perhaps another page of the family scrapbook may have proved a more positive apology to the world, Pal!

Sunday, viewers were battered with the weekly disaster known as CNN’s “State of the Union” hosted by that insignificant drive-by liberal host, Candy Crowley.  The segment entitled, “Black and Blue: The Impact of Ferguson” featured four police “chiefs”. Could someone please tell Candy Crowley and her idiot booker/producer, Deena  Zeina  Zaru, Bernard Kerik is a corrupt convicted felon on probation and no longer patrols anything but his living room in Franklin Lakes and an occasional hotel room of a “supporter”!  ( ) The entire segment was embarrassing and awkward for all especially when Candy was addressing Bernard Kerik as “Chief” asking him how “his community” was affected by Ferguson riots. I know Bernie has no “community” except for prison felons and those annoying geese in his Franklin Lake estate swimming pool! In addition, idiot Crowley doesn’t know the difference between a NYPD Chief and Commissioner. Ugh! Bernie squirmed pretending to be a Commissioner again knowing his own selfish greed, stupidity and adultery destroyed that privilege long ago.

Bernard Kerik’s disparaging and inflammatory comments about race and Ferguson are demeaning to the public for another reason. Early in felon Bernie Kerik’s release from federal prison, Bernie shilled for and often opined in paid speeches about the “poor black boys” whose one interaction with the law ruined their lives with collateral consequences. Mike Brown could have very well been one of those “boys”. However, it seems, the inept, dumb, lying, racist murderer, Ferguson ex-police officer, Darren Wilson, took even more from Mike Brown. Bernard Kerik supports that despicable effort. Or maybe Newsmax Media, Taser and the conservative media is paying better this year than the liberal shills of the “Justice Reform” advocates? In any case, Bernard Kerik’s masquerade, deception and denial of his present roles of felon on probation, litigant, disgraced cop and dumb irrelevant fool will not change his reality or the thinking person’s perception of it. Perhaps it’s time for Bernard Kerik to get a real job to finish paying the thousands of dollars this felon on probation owes toward his lingering literal debt to society! (USA v Bernard Kerik) Bernard Kerik restitution on probation