Bernard Kerik lawyer changed name to hide criminal charges…

November 19, 2014
Bernard Kerik lawyer changed name to hide criminal charges:
I’ve busted a few Bernie Kerik secrets in this blog. However Bernie’s attorney, Timothy Parlatore, reportedly, was once Timothy Payne until some charges almost ruined his budding legal career! So says a new website  It’s a must read! Scandalous!
It appears Timmy was desperately attempting to get ahead of the bombshell discovery by blabbing to NY Post Richard Johnson (BFF to both Payne Parlatore client Bernard Kerik and Selfie King Tool Geraldo Rivera).

Predictably, in first class thumb-sucker and colossal a-hole style, Timothy Payne Parlatore whined  defamation with ludicrous unsupported claims blaming Judd Burstein and Joe Tacopina as the secret bloggers! 

I suppose that’s their story so Payne Parlatore and his libel-proof client, Bernard Kerik, are sticking to it! and have one thing in common. It’s not about the identity of the bloggers. These blogs place the attention on the truth!

Why is everyone associated with Bernard Kerik a felon, phony or pretender? Birds of a feather…