Bernard Kerik Secret Truth Revealed….

October 8, 2014

Bernard Kerik Secret Truth Revealed….

Yes, felon liar Bernard Kerik is incompetent, dumb and knows very little about law enforcement, justice, crisis management, correction or criminal justice. Bernard Kerik made an “appearance” on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” on October 7, 2014 bit known as “A Shot in the Dark“. This skit parodied the lack of a central database and hard stats on police shootings.

Watch the clip. It shows Bernard Kerik’s authentic dumb self. Get a good look on Bernie’s face when he is asked a question ALL POLICE CHIEFS IN THE COUNTRY SHOULD KNOW WITHOUT PAUSE!

It’s embarrassing but also terrifying to think this idiot was a lie away from Nomination as U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security! Rumors of Bernie Kerik’s incompetency have been circulating since his Rikers days but this clip is documented proof. For felon Bernard Kerik, who wants to be hired in the vast liberal land of academia and media, to even permit an appearance on such television show displays his lack of judgement (with all due apologies to “The Daily Show”). Would you see NYPD Commissioner William Bratton or former Commissioner Raymond Kelly intentionally sit for an interview on “The Daily Show” especially about a sensitive topic like police shootings?

Bernard Kerik is now “selling himself” as a former New York City Police Commissioner and CEO of the alleged “shell company” allegedly authenticating him as “authority” on law enforcement and criminal justice reform. The joke is on all of us. It’s bad enough Bernard Kerik disgraced the badge with his corruption, adultery, failure to pay taxes, then lying about it all on documents to the White House, now it’s revealed he was and will always be a dumb puppet to the highest bidder. Yet Threshold Editions and Simon and Schuster will offer him a book contract. CNN and Newsmax will use him as an alleged law enforcement “expert”. Criminal coddlers Penn State and putting-the-liberal-in-liberal-arts Bennington College will ask him to speak.

Felon liar Bernard Kerik’s legacy will be as greedy, liar, pretender, puppet and a morally bankrupt thug who manipulated his way into legitimate law enforcement. Have you ever heard Bernard Kerik express remorse for his crimes, repent and move quietly along in shame? Not! His kids must be so proud! Instead Bernie Kerik sues and defames his attorney/friend, Joe Tacopina and calls himself a “victim” and “target” of the US Justice Department! It’s called accountability and taking responsibility. Take a good long look at Bernard Kerik. Theres a distinction between being “in on the joke” and “being the joke”. Bernard Kerik’s manipulation of me caused me to be tardy to this party. However, Bernard Kerik distinguishes himself as “being the joke”…This clip shows all you really need to know….