Is Unemployed Ex-Con Bernard Kerik holding out for 9/11 entitlementscash?

August 12, 2014
Is Unemployed Ex-Con Bernard Kerik holding out for 9/11 entitlements cash? 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund
WTC12 World Trade Center Registry Sept 11th 9/11

Ex-Con reformer Bernard Kerik insisted to his BFF Rosanna Scotto on appearance he was unable to find employment. Sweet Rosanna Scotto bit hook, line and sinker ending the segment short of a telethon for poor Bernie pleading for anyone who had a job to contact Bernard Kerik at his shell company, The Kerik Group.

So all this tea and sympathy made me curious when I see “volunteer” Bernard Kerik stumping for Senators, PAC funds, publishers, colleges and criminal justice reformers “hosting” and recruiting “volunteer” Bernie Kerik to appear. That’s a lot of “volunteerism”, traveling, room, board, expenses for an ex-con who has a family to feed in that $2million estate and so many debts, especially the thousands outstanding to his own country!

At the same time, Bernie Kerik takes every opportunity to whine about his huge liens on his $2million estate in outer whitelandia, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. He doesn’t appear to be wanting for much, financially these days. In addition, Bernard Kerik has reportedly two more years probation paying a “nominal” monthly fee against his low six figure criminal fine in USA v Bernard Kerik. Also, Bernard Kerik is being counter sued at least $1million for defamation by his former friend, attorney and business partner,  Joe Tacopina. So, does this behavior match his deeds? Wouldn’t any reasonable person be seeking employment and fast to meet his needs? How many of us average working folks can stop in the middle of the day taping a television news show or call into a fledgling local talk radio show.

Well, a little birdie told me Bernie Kerik may not be so quick to find a job for a few reasons:

  1. Joe Tacopina can’t take attach what Bernie doesn’t have in the way of  “income”. 
  2. The Kerik Group has no assets, customers so it’s the perfect funnel for any “reimbursements” from various PACs, speaking fees, travel, etc

There are two 9/11 entitlements still available to “disabled” 9/11 workers:

There is the fund (9/11 Victim Compensation Fund) and the WTC12 NYS Workers Compensation Fund. Wouldn’t it be just grand to have felon Bernard Kerik, who still owes a criminal fine to the USA, benefit from 9/11 once again?! Neither organization would verify Kerik ‘s participation by claim but it could happen! If Bernie Kerik claims he is unable to work, he may be judgement-proof from any liability found from Joe Tacopina’s defamation suit as well as keep his monthly payments to Justice Department/Probation very low. It would certainly explain why liar felon Bernard Kerik is in no hurry to find gainful employment. I guess crime may very well pay! If Bernard Kerik does profit, once again, from 9/11, I trust the government and Justice Department Probation officials will seize the appropriate amount to have Bernard Kerik fully pay his debt to society! By the way, felon Bernard Kerik has made his August criminal fine payment to the USA in the ample nominal amount of $250.00 on 08/07/14. Don’t you think Bernie Kerik would do well to get a real job so he may contribute more to this fund before he “volunteers” any more of his ample free time? Shouldn’t he pay his full debt to society before lecturing to us all about how to reform a system he, himself, hasn’t paid?  Just asking…

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