Bernard Kerik Eric Garner and Bernie Kerik’s vacation flip-flop supporting Chokehold NYPD cop

August 10, 2014

Libel-proof  liar felon on probation, Bernard Kerik, has been telling everyone and the fence post, making great side money inside the beltway, this past year, and establishing himself as a “reformer” for criminal justice and prison reform about the “draconian” criminal justice system. Bernie “dies with his eyes open” and cries foul for every “poor black boy non-violent offenders from the inner city” hoping President Obama will grant him a pardon!

Eric Garner was a totally disabled, unarmed, black non-violent offender who also “died with his eyes open literally at the hands from a chokehold of a New York Police Department cop named Daniel Pantaleo. You would think the “reformer”, Bernie Kerik, with all his alleged police experience and true to his very profitable, new-found “reformer” attitude would be jumping up and down proclaiming the chokehold banned from NYPD use for almost 20 years and justice for Eric Garner! Think Again. Bernie pulled the ultimate flip-flop reportedly on his summer vacation down at the Jersey Shore flanked by his Republican fan club and reality stars of “Manzo’d With Children“. This may be what comes of too much “apple juice”, shrimp scampi and sun but it had legs… (I mean every poor unemployed felon with alleged liens on his $2 million estate goes on vacation instead of looking for work, right?)

Instead, in a seemingly pre-planned publicity stunt on the has-been selfie king WABC770 radio show of Bernie Kerik’s BFF, Geraldo Rivera (whose chippie alleged gold-digger wife Erica Levy Rivera, brings him youth, by the way), Bernard Kerik ripped Reverend Al Sharpton, Mayor DeBlasio in support of the chokehold NYPD cop! Bernie even tried to play down the obvious chokehold by referring to it as a “submission hold”. Listen, Bern, there is no submission hold around the neck in the NYPD. However, you were too busy bedding your publisher or subordinates, cheating on your taxes, hiring illegals and making dirty deals on the side to concentrate on those pesky rules. Bernie added insult to Eric Garner murder when he insisted on CNN that if Eric Garner hadn’t “resisted”, he’d be alive today! Unbelievable! (Or maybe there is validity to all the Riker’s puffery Bernie Kerik and John Picciano joked in revealing they “dropped” shackled problem inmates in the elevator all the time just to teach them a lesson) 

This shenanigans was followed quickly and efficiently in echo by a timely blog in The New York Daily News Blog (Bernie Kerik’s former co-defendant in the Joe Tacopina defamation suit and his ad-hoc public relations firm, of late.) It was further echoed by Will Bredderman of the New York Observer Politics who documented Bernie’s typical exaggerated dramatic first-class-thumb-sucker style,  “Ex-Top Cop Kerik: NYPD ‘Crucified,’ ‘Thrown Under the Bus’ by de Blasio” You think with all those listeners, Geraldo Rivera maybe shouldn’t have lost his national syndication last year! It may have helped that another coincidence was that Bernie Kerik followed his former friend, Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the radio show lineup which was just too much of a coincidence for this blogger. Talk about conspiracy and set-up! It should be noted Rudy threw major shade on Bernard Kerik, as he has done for the past eight years. Bernie Kerik is no longer the Police Commissioner but why let eight felonies keep from playing one on tv or radio, going to school on Rudy’s every word and twisting it to make it his own with a good paycheck at the end? 

So the next time you see Bernard Kerik on his whining tour for those poor non-violent felons speaking at Penn State or Bennington College this fall, bring a pair of flip-flops engraved with Eric Garner’s children’s names and remind him he did NOT support a non-violent offender, Eric Garner. The truth doesn’t pay as well, shouldn’t go to the highest bidder but it is priceless. 

Credit Bernard Kerik flip-flop