Bernard Kerik :Officer Friendly GI Joe or Felon Liar? Which Bernie Kerik do you believe?

August 18, 2014

Bernard Kerik :Officer Friendly GI Joe or Felon Liar? Which Bernie Kerik do you believe?

Yes, felon liar on probation, Bernie Kerik is back, once again! Who is he today? Today Bernie was back playing Police Commissioner stating the obvious dressed his overly-tailored suits, hanging with verbose Arby’s pitch man defective, Bo Dietl, lunching at overpriced NYC Nellos and hanging with the hemline-challenged, sleeveless overly-blonde media babes at Fox News. Along with Bernie was his requisite entourage of fumbling retired Jersey cops, like that one from that Mecca of violence Nutley, New Jersey, retired Nutley Police Commander Steven Rogers.I was a laughing out loud when Fox and Friends introduced Bernard Kerik as one of the “country’s finest experts” in law enforcement!  Say What? Ugh!

Bernard Kerik on Fox and Friends Fox News

Bernard Kerik also appeared on CNN “State of the Union” flapping gums on “militarization” of the police in Ferguson MO after the cop shooting death of Mike Brown.

Bernard Kerik appears CNN Candy Crowley

But what happened to that diligent”volunteer prison reformer” who was making bank in that whining tour, “dying with his eyes open”? Here is a list of many appearances Bernard Kerik has made during his short tenure as criminal justice and prison “reformer”. The following offered exposure, support, compensation and/or reimbursed expenses for felon on probation Bernard Kerik to participate and advocate for their alleged justice reform platforms:

So we are all are getting whiplash witnessing unemployed liar felon Bernard Kerik dodge from “EX-pert” Police Commissioner to Ex-Con “Poor Bernie” Prison Reformer! 

So why the frenetic switch from reformer to cop? Perhaps there was not enough money in it for the moment? Remember Bernie is being sued for $1million defamation by his former attorney/friend/business partner. Bernie can’t make too much money now because he may lose the lawsuit and have a judgement seizing it all! Also federal probation authorities allegedly keep close tabs on Bernie’s income in repayment of his outstanding low six-figure criminal fine. Bernie is constantly whining of his “rough transition” and need for money. Felon on probation who owes over $100,000 criminal fines but showed the probation department he could afford only $250.00? TV pays very well. Shouldn’t felon Bernard Kerik be made to pay more toward his federal criminal fine?

Bernie Kerik keeps his true views to himself. He is truly not genuine in any public stance. However, the public would be shocked to know the type of people among whom Bernie includes in his “friends”. Here are just two examples I recently exposed in this blog’s recent twitter feed @BKerikBlog

This particular Bernie Kerik friend is on open in a shocking rant, in defense of Bernie, apparently regarding disparaging comments a former corrections colleague made against Bernie. Her comments may be found in this link Facebook former NYC Corrections Captain lashes out in defense of friend, Bernie Kerik Yes, this woman was once apparently a trusted subordinate in Bernie Kerik’s hailed success at cleaning up NYC Corrections Department!

Bernard Kerik Correction retired captain Friend

This twitter friend was apparently rather important to Bernie. This twitter follower apparently kept Bernie “entertained” during his house confinement. Our discussion of his lack and lapse of good judgement in public image caused our estrangement. 

Bernard Kerik former twitter friend

So which Bernie Kerik do you believe? I believe none of them because I know Bernie Kerik on a very intimate level. Follow the money and his selfish need for sex and attention. You’ll discover what Bernie Kerik “believes” at the moment.