Is Bernard Kerik’s White Flag in the air? Parlatore Brooklyn Bridge and Base Jumpers

July 29, 2014
Is Bernard Kerik’s White Flag in the air? Parlatore Brooklyn Bridge & Base Jumpers

If so, we may have a bridge in Brooklyn you can buy and plant a flag upon!
We’ve all heard of the mysterious white flag on top of the Brooklyn Bridge planted right under the noses of those alleged ardent post-9/11 terror-fighters, the New York Police Department. 

As documented here,, John Miller, NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton’s Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence speculates it must be the work of two groups working to “make a statement” who were somehow unnoticed by cops. Miller also commented there may have been some pre-planning and experience in climbing such structures.

Reportedly, the flag was bleached of it’s colors. “These colors don’t run” or do they? The white flag is a generally accepted symbol of surrender.  Let’s consider the events in an around New York during this time. 

Eric Garner died during an arrest where NYPD officer, Daniel Pantaleo, placed Garner in a banned chokehold. The case has unhinged the NYPD with daily accusations of brutality and excessive force.

Also in the news came word that former NYPD Liar Felon Fraudster Bernard Kerik defamation case against Joe Tacopina backfired with a contempt charge for blabbing about info sealed by protective order in the USA v Bernard Kerik case. Fraudster Bernard Kerik posted a pic of himself from back in the day, climbing a bridge. 

On or about 07/22/14. The Newark Police Department was placed under Federal oversight for abuses. ( from AP and Huffington Post   “Dysfunctional Newark Police Department Needs Outside Monitor, Feds Say”  07/22/14 05:44 PM ET  ) Bernard Kerik has revealed publicly his son serves on Newark Police Department. 

Now, stay with me here….

Felon Fraudster Kerik who gives us all whiplash making big bank running between Hug A Thug Reformer and pretending to be NYPD Police Commissioner, got a spot on tabloid show, “Inside Edition”. Kerik, with no knowledge of the case and still on federal probation for fraud, proclaimed “They will be caught”. Hey, Kerik, I think the NYPD’s got this one.

Former Top Cop Bernard Kerik: ‘They Will Be Caught’
Posted July 25, 2014 | 2:02pm EDT

Check out this video posted about this time:

And Bernard Kerik goes further writing a scathing piece in his former co-defendant’s rag and ad-hoc public relations pals, the New York Daily News, chastising the NYPD for requiring better security on the bridge! Ya think, Captain Obvious? (

And Kerik @BernardKerik even tweeted his admonitions to NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton and the world! 


Every Fraudster Felon needs a lawyer who defends Husksters. So, attorney Timothy Parlatore is the one. Yes, Parlatore may get a contempt charge in the USA v Bernard Kerik case too!

Coincidence, or perhaps none, Parlatore also rep’d those pesky World Trade Center base Jumpers who got off with a slap on the wrist. This decision may have emboldened knucklehead dope-smoking Occupy types to climb more shit they shouldn’t be climbing. ( )

But let’s think. A disgruntled former NYPD turned felon who is hating big-time on the government, his cop son also being under oversight of the Feds at work, whose media-crazed lawyer once defended pranksters who violated another famous NY landmark in an atmosphere where everyone is looking at NYPD through eyes of seeing Eric Garner die before our eyes. Now a desperate disgruntled felon makes money going on a tabloid show to assure us all “They will be caught”! 

I hope they will, Bern. Maybe it’s all just a horrible coincidence or NYC is just a very small town after all. 

Who could go unnoticed by cops except cops? Naw. That couldn’t happen, could it?