Felon Bernard Kerik should pay his debt to the US Literally

July 31, 2014
Felon Bernard Kerik should pay his debt to the US Literally
Bernard Kerik was officially released from BOP custody last October, 2013. Bernie doesn’t mention it but he has just under two years left on Probation. Also entered was a judgement in fine to the US of $188,131.00. 
Since that time, Felon Bernard Kerik has been telling everyone and a fence post felons deserve more rights. Perhaps Bernie should pay his entire debt to society – literally – before he resumes preaching and whining.
This felon claims not to have steady employment but has made numerous speaking engagements, television and radio spots, some requiring air and overnight travel. This felon resides in a $2 Million estate. 
Bernie pays a mere $250.00 per month toward this $188,141.00 fine owed to the United States of America. 
Since release, Bernard Kerik has reportedly worked or made contracts to work for:
NewsMax Media
Brennan Center of Justice
WABC radio 770am
New York Daily News
Huffington Post
Salon Magazine
FoxBusiness Cavuto
Al Jazeera
US Senate
Rand PAC Senator Rand Paul
Threshold Editions (book)
Simon & Schuster (book)
Penn State
Bennington College
The Kerik Group
This could add up to a chunk of change not even including travel, hotel, wardrobe, meal or per diem expenses!
A mere $250.00 would not make a dent in the $188,000 debt. Insult to injury was Rand PAC paying Bernie for speaking to Congress. 
So I ask, shouldn’t a convicted felon have to pay his full debt to society before he has his hand out whining for more? 
By the way, not that it pays his fine but has anyone ever heard felon Bernard Kerik utter anything close to an, “I’m sorry. I did wrong. Please forgive me?”
I didn’t think so. Don’t hold your breath.