Bernard Kerik describes USA v Bernard Kerik Prosecutors giddyschoolgirls

July 29, 2014
In my previous post entitled “Bernard Kerik Exclusive Writing Preface for his new book“, I posted a lengthy document Bernie Kerik wrote and I edited and archived, while in prison, intending it as “the Preface” for a reprinting edition of his memoir, “The Lost Son”.
 Bernie wrote the prosecutors were “sickening” and returned to their office like “giddy school girls”…
Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik
Then, due to Bernie Kerik’s greed and revenge, as well as his attorneys attempt to make a headline, this happened in USA v Bernard Kerik:
Credit: New York Daily News Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik

Credit: New York Post Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik
And now this is gonna happen before August 1, 2014. Looks like it might be an interesting few weeks for Bernie Kerik. Yup, he’s a reformer, all right. Tell Threshold Editions Simon&Schuster to hold off on the printing of the book. We may have to change the title to “Bernard Kerik : From Jailer to Jailed to Felon and back to Jailed”.. 
Credit: NYSD Federal Court Docket Bernie Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik