Felon Bernard Kerik may have violated protective order!

July 24, 2014
Felon Bernard Kerik and his attorney, Timothy Parlatore may have just commited the legal equivalent of shooting themselves in the foot! In the “reheated dog food ” madness to defame and sue Joe Tacopina, Bernard Kerik now faces the consequences of USA allegations he violated the protective order of sealed government court documents! 
Unemployed whining felon, Bernard Kerik, although seen sauntering around the halls of the US Senate, “volunteering” Altoids for felons or some crazy crap, is an 8-time convicted felon on probation with this being the second issue flirting with violation of a protective order! (Bernie was sent to Westchester jail during the original trial proceedings in 2009 for an email Judge Robinson deemed violated court’s order)

Today, in the continuing case of USA v Bernard Kerik, Judge Preska ordered the following: 

This 07/23/2014 # 151 ORDER denying  144  LETTER MOTION to Withdraw Document  140  MOTION for Reconsideration re  138  Order on Motion to Unseal Case as to Bernard B. Kerik (1). Kerik’s motion [dkt. no. 144] to vacate partially the Protective Order is DENIED. This Order does not resolve the Government’s allegation that Kerik has violated the Protective Order. The parties shall confer and report to the Court by August 1, 2014 as to how they propose to proceed, if at all, with respect to this issue. (Signed by Judge Loretta A. Preska on 7/23/2014) (ft) (Entered: 07/23/2014)”

This does not look good for Bernard Kerik. It’s a shame because he just got his foolish cameo on TMZ. That’s a sure sign of success in our world, isn’t it? What’s next, “Dancing With the Stars”, “Real Felons of Franklin Lakes”, “Apprentice” or another extended stay courtesy of the Federal BOP Cumberland Prison Camp? I think you all know my preference! Bern, better load up on Al Manzo’s shrimp scampi just in case. Tell Hala not to discard those directions to Cumberland BOP FPC! We always agreed it was a lovely ride that leads to you, though! Count me out, this time, Pal! It’s a sure bet I won’t be invited to this “Welcome Home” party once again. But, at least, we are all truth-tellers now. Well, I’ll speak for myself.