Bernard Kerik Exclusive Writing Preface for his new book?

July 23, 2014

As I have documented here, I assisted my ex-pal and Federal Inmate Bernard Kerik in many helpful ways during his incarceration to total of $93,000 in monetary commissary support, services and work product. We are now estranged, and as condition of his probation, may not have contact with me or my family at my residence, work or anywhere for that matter.He has made no formal efforts to make restitution or even amends to me. He has only subjected me and those I love, as well as perfect strangers, to harassment and humiliation as intimidation for me to simply hand over my work for his notoriety and future profit. That’s not good with this women. Never has. Never will be. I devoted three years of my life giving him love, support and a new “conversation” for his alleged new beginning. What I received was manipulation, lies, a broken heart. I’m ok with letting all that go as it was never genuine and no longer feels good. However, my work product, etc is mine.

Since Bernard Kerik seems to think it’s just fine to use my work product, concepts, talking points, writing, editing, etc without my permission, credit or compensation, I’ve decided to “give them away” here. I will be “dropping” my work I’ve done with Bernard Kerik during the totality of his three years incarceration. He and his publishers, agents and everyone else such as Threshold Editions, Simon and Schuster, Penn State Forum, Amazon, iTunes, etc are now officially on notice with this blog entry regarding my retention of rights to my work!

I have for you today, “The Preface”. This work was to be the Preface for the republishing of Bernard Kerik’s reprinting of his first memoir, “The Lost Son”. Bernie emailed me he was granted the rights in his last year of incarceration. I have no further knowledge on the progress of this republishing. However, this work is significant to any watchers of the defamation case currently battled between Bernard Kerik v. Joe Tacopina as well as the unsealing of private files in USA v. Bernard Kerik. In “This Preface” Bernard Kerik details the events leading to his convictions. As always, we wonder if Bernie was lying then or lying now….

This work is an edit just as I last worked on it in April, 2013 before Bernie was released to home confinement. He apparently lied to Hala about the full nature of our relationship. Bernie asked me to mail Hala the documents to prove it was all about the work. You can fill in the blanks what happened next. Obviously the work was never completed. The “Dying With Your Eyes Open” has been previously shared on this blog so it has been omitted on this post. Well, ok….That’s all that’s left now, so here goes…