Bernard Kerik : Inner Circle secrets you need to know about Bernie Kerik right now

July 25, 2014
Bernard Kerik : Inner Circle secrets you need to know about Bernie Kerik right now
While incarcerated, Bernie and I became so close he once proclaimed in an email I was one of the five people in the world he trusted enough to be in his “inner circle”. Since our estrangement, I’ve  had to prove to Bernie my truth has no price. I’m apparently the only one in his life who never settled for the deal to shut up and go away. It’s really frustrating him.
Bernie et al continue to harass and intimidate. The thought of amends and restitution never enter their minds. 
I present: Inner Circle secrets you need to know about Bernie Kerik right now:
When he’s in trouble, he’ll push his kids in front of the camera or obnoxiously start waving the flag or obnoxiously praising military
He really does use the word,  “retarded” as an adjective (picture Commissioner Bratton using that word in a serious press conference)
Bernie soaks up the energy of whomever in his sphere at the moment. He constantly telegraphs what he is feeling at the moment by projecting that feeling onto others; positive or negative. He even easily picks up their mannerisms and thoughts fully convinced he thought of it first and best! 
When Bernie is stressed, he’ll chicken-neck, swallow hard and have the awkward obvious “deer-in-the-headlights” look. Not photogenic and comes off looking dumb…like many still photos we’ve seen as late. 
Bernie has a friend for every purpose & he “uses” them, literally. ie; retired-FBI guy who is so whipped and in awe of Bernie he can’t say no. Bernie put him in charge of keeping tabs on me while Bernie was incarcerated. This guy ran interference when Bernie and I had our issues. Bernie even deployed this ex-FBI guy on the day this guys Mother died! Just unbelievable!
When Bernie wants your attention, he is like a dog with a bone! I remember one day, I was so angry at Bernie, I refused his calls from prison all day. Bernie called six times in rapid succession all afternoon. Reportedly, Bernie hung up the phone so violently, the guard admonished him. I also cancelled my visit. Bernie simply doesn’t tolerate being denied until I came along. I believe you teach people how to treat you…
Bernie is not a spontaneous speaker. Very Bad for live TV. He freezes and “goes up” on his talking point lines. It’s because he’s not genuine. He often doesn’t understand issues or believe what he is saying. He’ll copy off soneone else’s paper instead. When your life existence includes going to the opening if an envelope for notoriety and money, this can happen!
He puts on a more “Jersey gangster” accent when he’s trying to be tough guy.
Bernie is only afraid of his wife, Hala, Rudy Giuliani & the FEDS. Those are the only entities, right now, who can destroy Bernie’s life. ( I know. Not much farther down to go…sad, really)
Bernie is extremely insecure and has a bad case of “straw tail & rabbit ears”. Now, as a felon on probation, he can’t handcuff them and drop them in an elevator when no one is looking. Believe me, he still pulls a lot over on the FEDs and Probation. Although as if yesterday, it’s just a matter if time.
Bernie claims to have a B.S. in Social Theory, Social Structure and Change from (ESC) Empire State College of the State University of New York in 2002(post NYPD). He has never produced transcripts or spoke of how  he earned a degree post 9/11 in one year? Did he “matriculate” “attend” “graduate” or was it “grant”? This was a sore spot with many Chiefs at NYPD who earned a Bachelors Degree to qualify for Commissioner only to find drop out GED guy, Kerik, slides right into the position pre-9/11. 
Bernie’s Priorities: Sex, money, attention: In that preferred order…Most times he combines all three which contributes to his demise every time.
Bernie only tolerates an entourage of “Yes” people around him and believes his own press. Btw, his press is as fantasy as his next door neighbor Actually being a “Real Housewife of New Jersey”; fantasy, fake, no bad news and no criticism. Violators are subject to quick banishment from Fantasy Island also known as Franklin Lakes NJ! 
Bernard Kerik has a perverted sense of loyalty and right-and-wrong. Loyalty to him is being expected to lie for him on a moments notice. If you’re a principled person, things can get rough. As was the case with Yours Truly.
Bernie loves everything Italian and secret desire is to be Mafia Dapper Don. No coincidence his new lawyer, Parlatore, is protege of Cutler, lawyer to the Mafia  
Bernie, despite the humiliation and shame of incarceration, thinks he’s too good for a regular job. He once poked fun at my economy car even as he stood there sporting  that little pesky anklet. I should have told him my car is paid in full and I didn’t have to get on my knees, lie or cheat my spouse and country to pay for it! 
Bernie will hardly ever look you directly in the eye, but when he does you are going to either get loved like you never knew it or despised as you’ve never imagined of which he was capable.
You may think you know Bernie Kerik but we’re just getting started!