Bernard Kerik V New York Times and Arianna Huffington : Bernie Kerik Prison email EXCLUSIVE

July 27, 2014

On 05/01/13, from prison, Bernard Kerik wrote an email to me regarding a “disparaging” remark made about him in a New York Times Editorial about Rudy Giuliani.(“With A Friend Like Rudy” published 04/30/13) As you can imagine, Bernie had a few choice comments from prison after getting wind of this negative publicity. You will see, in this email from prison, Bernie was “keeping tabs” on Arianna Huffington and the New York Times just as he was with Joe Tacopina, Judge Stephen C. Robinson, his former attorneys and others. See the exclusive prison email from Inmate Bernard Kerik to me on 05/01/14 below.

Bernard Kerik V New York Times and Arianna Huffington Prison email

Bernard Kerik V New York Times and Arianna Huffington Prison email

Bernie Kerik also had a few choice colorful conversational remarks about Arianna Huffington to me on the next visit. It was something about the “bitch” and ‘not being woman enough to marry a real man’ but that’s hearsay on my part, isn’t it? Bernie was a big fan of MSNBC “Morning Joe”. (Bernie told me it was the only time he could watch television early in the morning as the rest of the day the group prison TV was monopolized by the “black boys” watching BET videos and basketball.) Arianna Huffington squared off with Rudy Giuliani on 04/06/14 on “Morning Joe”. ( )

Mysteriously, or not so mysteriously, the video has apparently been wiped from MSNBC’s video archives. However, The has the clip “Giuliani and Huffington spar on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ ” here  See Arianna Huffington’s swipe at Bernie at about 00:44. Now that’s the way to “Thrive”, Arianna! Only more ironic is the fact that the Huffington Post is now a host of Bernard Kerik’s “reformer” blog posts in their “crime” section which draw 10’s of people in interest. Show Biz/Media is such an insidious creepy place! That would makes a perfect combination with lying, manipulating Felon Fraudster Bernard Kerik!