Bernard Kerik Reformer : Real Deal, Borrower or Plagiarism?

July 27, 2014

Bernard Kerik Reformer : Real Deal, Borrower or Plagiarism?

As documented in numerous posts here, I offer examples of my writing and work product created for Bernard Kerik during his three years incarceration. Over the past nine months, Bernie has been writing, making television, radio appearances and speeches utilizing word, thoughts and concepts identical to my work product for notoriety and profit without permission, credit or compensation.

Most to blame are those who contract Bernard Kerik for these appearances or product without vetting his material.

To prove my point, is an original work I composed for Bernie’s release from prison on May 28, 2013. We took hours crafting this statement as it was composed to be his first and only words upon release. Bernie’s Probation did not allow any press during his home confinement. During that time, Bernie decided not to use this statement. I was very disappointed. It proved to me he was not going to change. He explained he “ran it by” his old cop boy from the NYPD PR department as well as the selfie King, himself, Geraldo Rivera, who all advised Bernie he should NEVER refer to himself as a felon. They insisted he is a cop and should always act and talk like a police commissioner. This new image was contrary to our “be a felon and a cop with unique perspective” viewpoint. Bernie squirmed through that first major interview with Matt Lauer not mentioning the “f” (felon) word at all. It didn’t go over too well. It looked awkward with that pink elephant sitting on Bernie’s chest the entire interview. Time has proven Bernie has come around to our original concepts which is wildly popular inside the beltway and on TMZ.

I invite you to read my work and notice how many of my talking points, cited here, Bernie Kerik utilized over the last nine months, are almost identical to those used in his writing, speeches, appearances and probably his new book.

So, I must ask a question. Is Bernard Kerik, the self-proclaimed Prison Reformer, the “Real Deal, Borrower or Plagiarist”? I’ll allow you to decide for yourself. Remember, Bernard Kerik’s crimes involved fraud and lying.

When you see Bernie, ask him why he is denying credit and sharing compensation for three years of my life and work product developed by being totally devoted to Bernard Kerik’s needs while incarcerated. Better yet, ask him why he, his agent, publishers, bookers, producers and even US Senators, do not have the decency to do the right thing!

Bernard Kerik Release Statement 05/28/14 www.