Bernard Kerik book SPOILER ALERT Dahlia Mary & May : Liberation Dream or Creepy Custodial Interference?

July 28, 2014

During his entire time incarcerated, among other duties, I archived and stored documents, research and writing by inmate Bernard Kerik. Bernie’s memoir “The Lost Son” had received some criticism for alleged enhancement or contorting of facts. Bernie told me these were haters who were jealous of his success.

However, if I was to be completely honest, after reviewing several documents I’ve posted here compared to the reality of the situation, there may be some credence in their theory of contorting facts to create a story that suits Bernie rather than the truth. One such story I know will be in Bernie’s upcoming book, “From Jailer to Jailed” to be published by Threshold Editions through imprint Simon & Schuster. This is the “story” of Dahlia Mary and May. One version is a sweet Syrian liberation story of a “young girl” from a desperate Mother where, of course, Bernard Kerik saves the day. The other version, which may be closer to the truth, reveals Bernie Kerik using his connections, outside the bounds of authority, pulling strings for an alleged jump off and subordinate in what may have been an international custodial interference case. I’ll let you decide.

Bernie first told this story during a visit to Cumberland in early 2013. He made it sound as if he heroically rescued a little girl from “captors” in Syria and returned her reuniting with her desperate Mother in Jordan. At the time, I was awe-struck and so proud of my Pal doing great things in his life and never took credit! I thought everything that could be written and more had already been exposed and written about Bernard Kerik. However, Bernie is the gift that keeps on giving.

Well, then I get this personal email from Bernie in prison, still telling this sweet story, but which gives a bit more detail which does dampen the “verbal rendition” drama a bit. It is years after 2006 when all this occurred and everyone is fine and in this country with Bernie Kerik promising them a story in his next book.(Bernie also promised me editing credits in a book that was never published so we’ll see what happens)

Bernie gushes in the email he loves Dahlia Mary like his own children, “Love Always and Forever”. I immediately thought of the unborn girl Bernie deserted in Korea during his military service without looking for her until he was writing a book in 2001. I wondered how she would react to this email that Bernie would “rescue” this stranger’s daughter and love her so deeply yet not go those lengths for his own daughter so many years ago. Dramatic rescue and good deed considered, I still couldn’t help wonder why he would cherish a total stranger’s child as much as his own. It seemed too much affection for the disclosed facts and circumstances…But wait there’s more…

Bernard Kerik prison email From Jailer to Jailed Dahlia Mary and May

Bernard Kerik prison email From Jailer to Jailed Dahlia Mary and May

 So the next day, I get another email from Bernie about the story of Dahlia Mary and May. After some deep research, the story Bernie writes is quite different than the reality. The “little girl’ was 20 at the time of  “rescue”. She had been in Syria with her brother and father living with her father and grandparents for 16 years! Dahlia Mary’s father was in a custody battle with her estranged Mother who, for some unknown reason, was separated from her children, living in Jordan working for…wait for it..wait for it…Bernie Kerik! It was also rumored at that time, Bernie and Mother May were “very intimate”. Let’s face it, Bernie does have a “record” in that department of bedding his subordinates and work partners….’Nuf said on that topic..So the story went from a “little girl” being rescued by Bernie Kerik from “captors” in Syria to what seemed like a favor for a subordinate and possible jump off trying to divorce, come to America aiming to win an alleged international custodial interference case! The real truth will probably never be told. I’m glad everyone is safe and no better place to live than America. However, can we just call a thang a thang, please!!!

Bernard Kerik prison email From Jailer to Jailed Dahlia Mary and May

So the real creepy part came when I visited Bernie a few days later in Cumberland MD Federal Prison Camp. He was very “excited” to see Dahlia Mary upon his release. Then he remarked, ‘It’s going to be hard to consider her a little girl anymore….she’s all grown up. She reminds me of  Hala before she had the kids…She’s gorgeous and works for Victoria’s Secret…Wow, have you seen her picture?’…Actually that’s not so creepy if you know the real Bernie but all the pieces of the story came together at that moment. I thought Bernie was joking however, her Linked-In profile did confirm she did work at Victoria’s Secret!! Come to think of it, Bernie has been spending a great deal of time down in Washington DC lately…Naw…That couldn’t happen, could it? Get all your minds out of that gutter!! Not Bernie Kerik!! Not a smidgen of a chance!! Ha! (Again, I just can’t make this shit up!)

So I am curious what “version” Bernie will reveal in his upcoming  book, “From Jailer to Jailed” to be published by Threshold Editions through imprint Simon & Schuster. I’m sure Dahlia Mary and Mother May will be getting proper credit in the book. My work for Bernie over the three years of his incarceration, among other work product, writing and editing, is being used today without permission, credit or compensation. I hope they all make lots of money off my work, archiving prison emails capturing his thoughts and emotions, as depicted here, so Bernie can write a great book. You’re welcome, you lying, libel-proof, manipulating fraudster felon! Remember, you heard it here first, folks. I’ll be there to set the record straight…..Trust and believe.You’re welcome, America!