Bernard Kerik: Exclusive Prison emails may show Bernie Kerik planned revenge on Joe Tacopina

June 6, 2014
Bernard Kerik Prison email to me re: Joe Tacopina

Bernie Kerik has had it in for Joe Tacopina for a long time. I know because I’m the one who, upon Bernie’s request from prison, performed the legal research for Bernie and Ray Mansolillo (the “Better Call Saul” in the real world) back in 2011. From Federal prison in Cumberland, MD, Bernard Kerik emailed me requesting specific media reporting regarding Joe Tacopina’s testimony to the Feds.

Bernard Kerik Prison email to me re: Joe Tacopina

I got the biggest laugh when Bernie called out Joe Tacopina on alleged adultery! Pot. Kettle. Kerik! Are you kidding me? In regards to adultery, Bernie is the best that did it and got away with it! 

Judith Regan Bernard Kerik New York Daily News affair

Ironically, this story sold a lot of newspapers for the New York Daily News! Back in the day, the New York Daily News was no friend to Bernie. Today, they are his former co-defendants in the civil defamation complaint and act as Bernie’s defacto ad-hoc public relations firm! I must note Bernie’s propaganda has moved, recently, from the “sports” sections to the “crime” section. Huh?

According to the story, and confirmed through my own personal knowledge, Bernie was reportedly Simultaneously and regularly ejaculating into his former NYC Dept of Corrections subordinate C.O. Jeanette Pinero, as well as his publisher, at the time, Judith Regan, in an apartment overlooking the 9/11 workers sifting pieces of flesh and bones in the still smoldering heaps of toxic debris and death. It was pretty common knowledge Bernie was doing Jeanette, before and during all the early years of his marriage to Hala and especially through both of Hala’s pregnancies. Nice guy, right? Yup, that happened **cough** allegedly…

So why is Bernie risking it all coming undone with such flamboyant legal folley? Bernie Kerik craves hot monkey sex, money and media attention. Today, with Hala’s short leash, he’s probably only getting one out of the three. (If you have to ask, you don’t deserve to know). There’s no money (legit, on the books, that is). There’s no publishing deal. There’s no TV movie. There’s no legitimate company to run ( There’s no legitimate source of income besides his NYC pension.

Bernard Kerik has a very high lifestyle to support. Bernard Kerik desperately needs money. This is exactly the financial stress he was experiencing in 1997 when his crimes first occurred. Joe Tacopina has deep pockets and remains a bonefide media magnet. The New York Daily News is obviously carrying Bernie’s muddy water in their mutual efforts to smear Joe Tacopina. That’s all Bernie will ultimately gain in the short term.

Lastly, Bernie may be hoping to sway public opinion into thinking he’s an innocent “victim of the system” and/or a target of the government thus setting him on the liberal path to a possible Presidential Pardon! 

Bernie currently pays only $250.00 per month restitution to the US Government, on probation for his crimes. He had to convince someone at probation he was in a difficult financial situation – at least on paper. I personally think Bernie doesn’t work so as to tee up a possible disability claim for a big 9/11 payout through Instead of getting a job, Bernie spends his time partying with his “famous” friends. 

Bernard Kerik Beau Dietl Rep Peter King 
Hey, Beau, no fries? I guess Arby’s was closed? Hey, Rep. King, can you hook up your BFF, Bernie Kerik, with a j-o-b? If  Pete King, Roseanna Scotto, Geraldo Rivera, Beau Dietl, NewsMax, Modell, Judge Andrew Napolitano and Jeanine Pirro can’t hook up Bernie Kerik with a job, someone is just not trying hard enough!

I suppose Bernie’s job, these days, is to smile for the camera, do swanky NYC lunch, tweet, check out those very young sympathetic, liberal, big-boobed, chicklet-teeth sweeties at the gym or attending his volunteer “speaking” engagements, keep his secrets from Hala and the Feds, attend court appearances and keep to the “poor me” script. Heck of a job, Bernie!

Judd Burstein and Joe Tacopina have been unusually quiet. That should be making Bernard Kerik very nervous. Justice would result in Bernie owing Joe Tacopina millions in judgments with Bernie returning to prison for all the lies to which he’s sworn over the last six months. That won’t exactly square things with me but it would be a great start. Thy will be done…