Exclusive Prison email may prove Bernard Kerik original target wasJudge Stephen C. Robinson

July 13, 2014

As shown in this exclusive Prison Corrlinks email, Bernard Kerik’s original target of professional misconduct could have been presiding Judge in the “USA v Bernard Kerik” case, Federal Judge Stephen C. Robinson.

On August 25, 2011, at 11:36AM, Inmate Bernard Kerik sent this personal email to me requesting “legal support” in contemplation of a professional complaint against “a federal judge in the Southern District of New York”. Bernie goes further to ask for additional research for a “video on line of my judge giving a speech at a law school, where he says something to the effect that the hardest thing about his job is sentencing a black man, because he knows how he was raised, and has to take that into consideration in sentencing. Many people have written, saying that the judge’s remarks are extremely racist, prejudicial and clearly demonstrate a bias, as we witnessed during my pretrial hearings, and sentencing.”

Media coverage of Bernie’s current target, former attorney/business partner/friend, Joe Tacopina  has Bernie accusing Joe of adultery, drug abuse and ineffectiveness of counsel. There has been ZERO support with any hard credible evidence in these ludicrous accusations. The New York Daily News and some local New Jersey publications are the only rags who have carried Bernie’s defamatory accusations.

When I received this email, I was concerned for Bernie’s emotional state. At the time, our visits were clouded by his anger and frustration boiling over from this determination to gain legal revenge. He became obsessed with it asking me for more and more research in support of it. I reluctantly complied hoping he would prove to himself how pointless the effort would become. Bernie had friends, who had nothing to lose, who foolishly encouraged this legal folly. I was deeply concerned about Bernie’s anger as he unearthed, relived and dissected his case. I was most concerned he would risk his liberty on probation attempting to pursue these actions.

I remain sad Bernie can’t come to terms with his guilt, accept it and move on with his life on the most genuine of terms. I suppose the media spotlight and attention, for Bernie, is truly more important to him than living a quiet, productive private life.

I may only speculate why Bernie did not choose, at this point, to go after Judge Robinson. It may be because this beef with Joe is more “personal” than legally legitimate. It may be because Joe Tacopina seemingly has more money than Judge Robinson. Bernie Kerik is desperate for money now. Instead of getting employment, it would appear Bernie is trying to litigate from very deep pockets his return to a lavish lifestyle of yesterday. It may also be Bernie was afraid of damaging his base “prison reform” demographic, which presently would be the Liberal Black Democrat Caucus.

Whatever the reason, this exclusive prison email clearly shows Joe Tacopina was not Bernie’s only target.

Exclusive Prison Corrlinks email Bernard Kerik about Judge Stephen C. Robinson www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

For those interested, I did research but could not find the particular video Bernie was seeking of a law school speech made by Judge Robinson. However, I located a video of Judge Robinson making a speech to the New York City Bar on the issue of  “Diversity” at the “Sixth Annual Diversity Champion Awards held on May 25, 2011. Judge Robinson’s speech begins at min 5:30 into the below-captioned video. Judge Robinson describing a special NYC Bar Committee exploring diversity in the legal profession does not seem a damaging, racist, prejudicial or a biased effort but you may “judge” for yourself.