Bernard Kerik Exclusive “Dying With Your Eyes Open” written with Bernard Kerik

May 29, 2014

Felon Bernard Kerik and I wrote “Dying With your Eyes Open” while he was in prison. This is the original document on which his speaking is based. Unfortunately Bernie has been using my work, talking points and concepts for his own profit and/or media opportunities without proper credit as co-writer and editor. Bernard Kerik is using my work product in the media. Bernie Kerik also used my talking points and work product today in a speaking appearance to the @NACDL (Yes, he did that in front of a room full of lawyers! Ironic, isn’t it?)

Julie Stewart twitter Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik twitter
It’s not the first thing this felon has taken from me. It’s our work. It’s my work…so, as proof, I offer the original completed document as it exists. The final edited copy was completed April, 2013 while Bernie was incarcerated at Cumberland Federal Prison FPC. This is the original version in its original format. I have all our writing….Don’t allow anyone to assert otherwise…

Bernard Kerik
Bernard Kerik