USA v Bernard Kerik; USA submits Bernie Kerik violates protective order

May 9, 2014
In a LETTER RESPONSE to Motion by USA as to Bernard B. Kerik (7 07-cr-01027-LAP SDNY) re:  135  MOTION to Unseal Case  Motion to Unseal and Vacate Protective Order, filed 05/08/14, the government opposes the unsealing of court records. Not only does the government oppose the unsealing but they demand Bernard Kerik return the discovery documents immediately, further asserting he is violating the protective order in his failure to do so!

Bernie Kerik is a self-proclaimed unemployed 8-time-convicted felon, still serving probation, lunching at the best restaurants in Manhattan and traveling as a “volunteer” to luxury accommodations in Texas and Florida to “support” the troops, waiving that American flag until his arm breaks!  As matter of court record, Bernard Kerik pays a mere $250.00/mo on the six figure restitution owed!  
USA v Bernard Kerik

Instead of whining to the world that he got caught and is being punished, Bernard Kerik should put his flapping gums talk into some walk! The best way to serve this country might be to model better to the world, especially to those “poor black men in Baltimore and DC” or that “guy who sold a whales tooth on EBay” and to his own children! Try this, Bernie: a felon who has a legit j-o-b, quits trying to litigate out of his guilt, pay his dues and debt to society. Bernie Kerik has been lucky and “made” all your life. We all know there are “reality shows” in production in Franklin Lakes, NJ. The rest of us live in the real world and work damn hard at it!
Bernard Kerik, you can’t change history but there may be time to make amends and redeem your soul.