Bernard Kerik: The Kim Kardashian of Prison Reform? A Prison Pimp getsa voice on #JusticeReform ?

May 9, 2014

Eight-time convicted felon and one-time, short-lived, “made” #NYPD Commissioner, Bernard Kerik, now claims to be the “voice” of  justice reform including prison reform. Bernie truly believes his “voice”, alone, is enough to contribute. His only knowledge on the broad subjects of prison reform is derived primarily from Bernard Kerik’s own prison time and present sentence serving three years’ probation. He does nothing but talk. Is that enough? Why is his voice important? Symbolism over Substance is the norm these days.

In my recent blog post, Bernard Kerik on Prison Reform: Wrong, Dumb, Liar or all three? ;Bernie Kerik Unchallenged by Drive-By Media“, I detail how wrong or vague Bernard Kerik has been on this subject and the pass the media has given him at every step. Should a man so wrong and uninformed on the topic of justice reform and prison reform genuinely be the “voice”? Undoubtedly, groups like, Charles Koch Institute, Mediaite, NBC News ,  Today Show, Al Jazeera USA, Fox Business News, WABC NY radio and other local media know Bernie Kerik’s name will get recognition, for good or bad, factual or misleading. I suppose the fact Bernard Kerik’s content is misleading and unsupported means very little.

Not all media has been fooled. Check out this YouTube clip posted by Lionel “Kerik v Tacopina”. 

Eight-time convicted felon, serving an additional 3-year probation, Bernie Kerik claims to have no political affiliation nor claims to be tied to any particular organization in endorsing justice reform. Bernard Kerik’s “voice”, by his own admission, is “free”. He claims to take no money or benefit from his new found passion except that he has mentioned he’s writing a book about it. Is there a publisher? Is there an advance on this book? When is the publication date? There appear to be a lot of traveling and free lunches involved so perhaps federal probation officials might wish to double-check those entries on Bernie’s next “check-in”. (“Federal Probation, Line 1, Sir!”) Bernie Kerik needs to be careful about such money disclosures as “Poor Bernie” claims to be unemployed with his $2 million estate full of liens and only pays the court $250.00/mo restitution. How’s that add up? It doesn’t! (Federal Probation, line 2, Sir!)

USA v Bernard B. Kerik

Bernie has been seen on every network and cable news program with the same “Bernie Whining Tour” speech over and over again: draconian, collateral consequences, those poor young black men from DC, 5 grams, on and on…. Should a felon get a chance? Of course. However, a felon who is unapologetic, unrepentant, who continues to scheme, manipulate and conspire should not! A felon who does not ask forgiveness and maintains he was a “target” of the same government to which he is pleading reform should not! I know Bernard Kerik does nothing without a payoff. That’s exactly why Bernie went to prison! The current wave of mandatory minimum reform was started in legislation during the time Bernard Kerik was in prison. Bernie Kerik is certainly not responsible for that movement. Bernard Kerik is most likely hoping for a Presidential Pardon for his “good works”, playing the sympathy card or some other pathetic publicity in order to stay relevant in the news.

Kim Kardashian is said to be known a big ass, a sex tape and, therefore, “famous for being famous”. The implication is the hype surrounding her reverberating public persona results primarily from her ability to attract media attention as opposed to fame derived from any meaningful, legitimate contribution to any field or cause. These days, clicks, sound byte headlines, ratings and tags are the currency promoting more symbolism over substance in our world. Bernard Kerik, during his three years incarceration, manipulated me out of the equivalent of $93,000 worth of support, writing, social media consultation and other expenses. In my personal experience and opinion, he is nothing more than a prison pimp. Bernard Kerik has never apologized nor offered restitution. I’ve even been met with the most vial harassment by him and his thug friends for telling my truth!  Is this the person you would want as a “voice” for any legitimate cause? What’s coming next for Bernard Kerik; reality show or the sex tape? With all apologies to Kim Kardashian, of course….