Bernard Kerik, and his alleged Muslim-hating, racist BFF’s

April 29, 2014

Bernard Kerik survived 9/11/01 and was hailed a “hero”. Some say he exploited his dubious role in this tragedy making millions in the aftermath. However, greed isn’t always good. Bernard Kerik is now an 8-time convicted felon serving three years federal probation. One might think surviving these significant life-altering events, may change one’s heart and beliefs. You would think there would be no hate and no prejudice. One may think bigoted friends harboring such hateful beliefs would be part of his past. However, Twitter told a different tale this past Sunday, 04/27/14. Bernard Kerik did not tweet or reveal his presence but his alleged Muslim-hating friends (identified on twitter as Pam Geller and Barry Morgenstein) apparently couldn’t help themselves. I have no direct knowledge but let’s see where open twitter takes us: 

On Sunday, 04/27/14, this twitter showed an Instagram of a woman who posted the accompanying tweet. “Just left a top secret event where we had the honor to hear Bernard Kerik speak”. 

(Photo via Twitter)

In this picture is a man on the viewer’s far left who looks a great deal like Bernard Kerik BFF and, photographer, Barry Morgenstein. 

Earlier this month, on 04/14/14, Barry Morgenstein, apparently deleted his twitter account (@BarryMPhoto) after an angry, hateful exchange and misogynistic Anti-Muslim twitter rant and email to a female independent journalist from Virginia named Rania Khalek. 

via Twitter Rania Khalek calls out Barry Morgenstein @BarryMPhoto
via Twitter Rania Khalek @RaniaKhalek
via Twitter Barry Morgenstein Photography

Photographer, Barry Morgenstein, refers to this woman as a “terrorist loving cunt”. She alleges he also emailed her the below-captioned email “Hey you terrorist loving cunt! I use the Koran for toilet paper and I just pissed on a drawing of mohammed!! LOLOLOLOL”.  
Another twitter user posted a pic of the alleged harassing email 

via Twitter Muslim hate speech in alleged Barry Morgenstein email 

Barry Morgenstein has been a Bernard Kerik BFF for years. He recently advertised his photo of Bernie, which Bernie, until 04/14/14, had utilized in his personal Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. I was shocked and disappointed Bernie would continue to so intimately socialize with such a racist, bigoted man. However, I should say I, having been the recipient and victim of Barry Morgenstein’s harassment, tend to believe this latest hateful Anti-Muslim rant toward journalist Rania Khalek (@RaniaKhalek). 

Also on Sunday evening, 04/27/14, another Muslim-hating tweet name-dropping “Bernard Kerik”, was posted by Pamela Geller (@pamelageller) in a very happy side hug with Bernie proclaiming her “love” for him. 

(nope that’s not his wife via Twitter Pamela Geller and Bernard Kerik 

Pam Geller, in my personal learned opinion, is a silly knit wit T&A socialite best known for her hate for Muslims and her bikini. She posted this pic of her and Bernie that same Sunday night on twitter. (Pammy’s “love” and extremely “intimate admiration” for Bernie is known to me as far back as last July, 2013. July, 2013 was the same month Bernie threatened to “destroy my life” and I ceased contact with him. Connect the dots as you like. So keep Bernard Kerik’s reputation with the ladies in mind and “tawk” amongst yourselves please…Ha!) 

Recently, Pamela Geller posted on twitter and her blog an opinion complaining NYPD and City of New York named a street after a Muslim NYPD cadet who perished on 9/11/01.  Her hate speech “…Not to rain on anyone’s proselytizing parade but why this guy? Why does this first responder get a street named after him? Because he’s a Muslim?” Read Geller’s hate here: 

On Sunday, 04/27/14, the 9/11 Memorial 5K and Family Day was held. It is an honorable fundraising and positive social event to be sure. The 9/11 Museum will be previewed to 9/11 families, 9/11 survivors and first responders 05/15/14 through 05/20/14. 

The 9/11 Museum made headlines recently over a controversial video played in the museum used the objectionable word, “jihadist” in describing the 9/11 terrorists. Muslims are opposed this word and call out the 9/11 Museum for its context in the 8-minute museum video. I certainly hope Bernie Kerik’s “secret” speaking engagement, in the alleged company of his Muslim-hating BFFs, was not in the company of the 9/11 survivors. 

I would hate to think the 9/11 Memorial and 9/11 Museum embraced this overt hate against Muslims. I am most shocked at and disappointed with Bernie who made a very good living in the Middle East working for many Muslims. Muslim hate and the company of those in that belief were never a part of the Bernie Kerik I knew. I guess money, greed and felonies may change loyalties as well as sensibilities. 

I hope the 9/11 Museum thinks very carefully before inviting felon Bernard Kerik to the dedication of the 9/11 Museum. I truly hope Bernie is not accompanied by his Muslim-hating associates. It would not be a good reflection in the serenity pools of peace for the memory of those who perished, their families, the survivors or the unselfish, heroic, first responders.