Bernard Kerik: An Open Letter to Bernie Kerik and Tapping Out…

May 28, 2014

An open letter to Bernard Kerik  “Tapping Out”

Dear Bernie,

Today, May 28, 2014, will mark one year since you’ve been released from prison. It’s an understatement to pronounce our lives and our relationship are not what we planned or hoped. It was on this day, one year ago, I realized our intimate relationship was all a lie to manipulate me out $93,000 support pretending to Hala and your family you were sacrificing and “going without” in prison for their well being. 

Bernie, sadly for you and Al Manzo, there appears to be no republishing of “The Lost Son”, no new book, no TV movie and no “comeback bigger than Martha Stewart”. At least you got the scampi! You are a joke, mean-spirited while stubbornly holding tight to that “self-minded arrogance”. With every media and public appearance you prove and expose how very inadequate you are. You didn’t even earn an invitation to the 9/11 Memorial Museum. What has become of your life and that precious second opportunity? Today you are on probation, back in court even at the risk going back to prison. Same, same, same. As from the script from the television show, ’24:Live Another Day’, “You were in exile for four years. What have you learned?”

Bernie, you should be the last person in the world calling out your once great friend, Joe Tacopina, for alleged infidelity. Aren’t you the one Hala looks at every day knowing you’ve lied and been unfaithful to her multiple times?! You and I know that, don’t we, Bernie?! Shame on you but I know narcissists and psychopaths feel no shame. In addition to being a liar, pretender and manipulator, you are such a hypocrite! 

Before you left prison, we took much time and care, crafting talking points and a road map strategy to rehabilitation and success. Bernie, you then stole my concepts, my work, denied my existence and lied about our relationship to the world. Once out, you chose to return to the same swindling, bad company. Any addict or criminal will tell you going back will bring you back. Look at the mess you’ve made of your clean start. It could have been the greatest comeback story of all time…So sad….

You claim you can’t find a job. Most of us regular working folk wonder, with no income for years and your own “real housewife of New Jersey” refusing to get a job, what’s your secret not only to survival but to support a family in a $2 million estate? But that’s your job to keep that secret and probation’s job to discover, right? The Islands are pretty stormy this time of year. Maybe the answer was on that laptop and hard drive in those precious boxes John Picciano held for you while in prison? Couldn’t trust that to Hala? Yeah, that would have been tough if they found all that in your house, huh? Decent and honest people see right through your masquerading bullshit, Bernie. They will never hire you. They know you’re not ready to move forward to living a legitimate life. Real life is hard work. You’re clearly not hungry enough and that is a fact that should not get by probation! You’re lazy, dumb and been “made” all these years. Can you find a job on your own merits? The last year is your proof. We both know it’s not that you can’t get a job. It either doesn’t pay more than a disability claim ( ??) or doing lunch and having a spotlight is more fun and gets more chicks than a real job! Every real “crisis management CEO” waits for the day they are routinely profiled in the New York Daily News Sports section and the old, irrelevant, decrepit Page Six gossip column by ( Hala’s fairy GodMother), Cindy Adams. Didn’t she once say you had “no second act”? She was right now that I think of it! 

And isn’t used to funnel your “speaking fees”? What do they call a company that has no clients, no assets and where the CEO can’t legally negotiate all company business? It’s called a shell company! Perhaps some old tricks at play here? Not good!

Bernie, you and I began with simple gesture of unsolicited kindness. Instead of embracing and protecting us, you lied, denied and, as a jail pimp does, used my kindness for the tangible assets and left the love behind. This is a regrettable cyclic devastating pattern in your life. Now, we are sad, ugly and contorted. Your life has returned to the pre-prison ugly legal drama mess. You are confined to your own prison of lies and litigation this time. 

Bernie, you will be disappointed to learn you did not accomplish your threat to “destroy my life”. I have defied the evil, harassment, the vile attempt to get me fired and threats by you and your thug associates (Bill White, Ray Mansolillo, John Picciano, Mrs.Cumberland Inmate Joseph Burchfield) over this past year. Probation has been alerted but, for some reason, refuses to violate you. Remember I’m a great friend but I’m a better enemy. I’ve earned my way out of this unbalanced dysfunctional relationship. Bernard Kerik, yet again, you’ve lost, in me, a loyal, genuine soul, perpetually in your corner against all odds, who loved you with the purest intentions. I don’t like the ugly head space I must occupy to fight your evil. You are on two more years probation. Bernie, trust and believe, any further harassment by you and/or in your name by your associates, friends, “play attorney” and family will be promptly reported and prosecuted to the full extent of the law. It would behoove you to cut all that shit out because your risk a violation of probation. I will not hesitate to send you back to prison. 

I witnessed prison provide the truest venue for your kinder authentic self to emerge but you are back to your old felon way of life. I mourn and regret the world will never see the humble, reformed Bernie I saw during you’re last six months in prison.The truth is the BOP had you humbled but Probation clearly dropped the ball upon your release. 

My goal in this blog was to let the world know you haven’t changed. Mission Accomplished.

My book is completed. The letters, phone call list, emails and texts are preserved and archived. I’m ready to go to battle if necessary but do you even have time for more court dates? I continue to believe in kindness and goodness. I realize now those are two essential qualities of my authentic life I will never find with you.

Bernie, in the last year, I, and those I love, have been devastated emotionally and financially, by your harassment. I’m sure there will be future battles because turning your loyal and best friends into enemies is just what you do. Ask Rudy Giuliani or Joe Tacopina about that. (My best wishes to Joe Tacopina and Judd Burstein on their case against you. It’s a no-brainer and a long-time coming) Bad people who do bad things belong in prison. Bernard Kerik, you belong in prison.I hope Judd Burstein and Joe Tacopina send you back. Remember you “drew first blood” on this case!

Bernie, you pride yourself on your black belt. During mutual combat, especially in jiu jitsu and martial arts, “tapping out” keeps participants safe. Combatants choose to “tap out” to keep competition safe. It is NOT as result of fear or intimidation but rather the wise, humane and safe choice.

Bernie, one of us has to be dignified and humane. I’ve been told you miss me….a lot.. and wish I could contact you to “work it out between just us”… In the words of Taylor Swift, “We are never ever ever getting back together”…Too bad, so sad. So here’s to the the hundreds of phone calls, emails, letters, hours driving to prison, hundreds of dollars in commissary, writing, editing, social media, consulting, visits, E-3 coffee and the rest of the intimate details just shared between us..Gone, not forgotten and never to be forgiven…. 

“… Tap early, and tap often.  Don’t wait until your arm is about to break, or until you are about to lose consciousness to tap… There is no point in hanging on until the inevitable, bitter end.. ” from

Bernie, I hope your daughters are never treated by a man the way you’ve treated me. I’m “tapping out”…. – me