Felon Bernard Kerik blames Google for Inmate Re-entry unemployment?

May 17, 2014
Unemployed Super-Volunteer Felon Bernard Kerik continued his “Flapping Gums, Poor Bernie, Draconian, It’s-Everyone’s-fault-but-mine-that-I’m-a-felon, Whining Tour” by “appearing” on a panel “Restoring the Second-Chance Economy” sponsored by the “New America Foundation” on Friday, 05/16/14. 
I have blogged before regarding the UNCHALLENGED crazy crap Bernie Kerik spews during these do-nothing, say anything panel discussions. 
A tweet from @tsbugg from the #10bigideas event memorialized Bernard Kerik reportedly proclaiming, “Even a Presidential Pardon won’t expunge what can be found on Google, which can impair job market re-entry.” 
Hey Kerik, I guess no one would know about those pesky 8 felonies and years of lies and cheating on one’s country and wife if not for that dastardly Google search?! Yup, that happened!
This unchallenged idiotic spontaneous utterance turned from just dumb to awkward after realizing that earlier this very day at this same conference, Eric Schmidt, Google chair, was honored guest introducing Key Note speaker Hillary Clinton!!!
I just can’t make this shit up, people!