Why is Bernard Kerik trying to silence me?

February 18, 2015

Felon liar on probation, Bernard Kerik, is attempting to silence my truth about him on social media! Why? Perhaps my truth will collide with the lies, fantasy and “re-imaging” he has planned for the launch of his book in late March? Or perhaps it is the rigorous financial audit the government has requested to determine why Bernard Kerik can travel, appear on TV, party at Monkey Bar but claims his $187,000 restitution to the United States and probation punishment is hampering his ability get a full-time job, to support his $2million estate and fancy lifestyle? Perhaps the truth hurts, Bernie? By the way, I own the rights to this picture I use on www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com. I took the picture in July, 2013 and own the rights to it and my blog, exclusively! The blog is the truth about a public figure! If you and your attorney got something Bernie, bring it! I relish the opportunity to reclaim the $93000 you manipulated from me every day during your 3-year incarceration! Bring it, pal! “Non-violent threats”, my ass!