Felon Forgetful Witness Bernard Kerik may have to remember the truth on witness stand

February 25, 2015

It was announced today the perjury conviction for Bernie Kerik’s “associate”, Peter DiTommaso, was reversed by the Appellate Division, First Department. This means Bernard Kerik may have another chance to try to remember his truth on the witness stand should prosecutors decide to retry this case. Read about the decision in the New York Law Journal here

Bernie Kerik and his reps may try to spin this as a victory but it just means DiTommaso may get a new trial. It also means felon on probation, libel-proof Bernie Kerik may, once again, have to prove to a jury his isn’t the liar I know him to be. I live for these days. Bernie Kerik admitted early on he took the renovations and did not pay a fair price. As usual, it was the lies and cover up that made him the felon, fraudster and liar he is today!

 To endure and dance around the truth, for a thug like Bernie Kerik, when some of us are convinced he is lying,  is punishment enough. Stay tuned.