Bernard Kerik September 11th without pity

September 10, 2014
Warning: This blog post exposes Bernard Kerik and September 11th without pity. 

There have been thirteen years since horrific tragedy of 9/11/01. How do we make sense of such a terrible day in our American history? September 11th, for me, was all about exposing and placing the spotlight on Evildoers. Osama Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda were not known until 09/11/01. They say better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

We were told “Never Forget”. America has forgotten. #NeverForget has evolved into a hackneyed twitter hipster hashtag for lame worldly experiences this generation rationalizes as glib. Most people have 9/11 in the rear view mirror as they move along in their lives. The more things change, though, the more they stay the same.

Barack Hussein Obama took credit for killing Osama Bin Laden but this community organizer should also take credit for the rise of ISIS or ISIL on his watch who are deadlier, more profitable and boast on social media.  Al Qaeda worked in the shadows. Today, we are forced to witness the horror and indignity of Americans beheaded by these thugs. Osama Bin Laden is dead but ISIS is in his place exacting revenge on us proud Infidels.

The September 11thMemorial has turned into a beautiful money pit tourist trap where the decorative 9/11 cheese plates and other offensive chotskies are sold in a gift shop to make a buck off the unintentional cemetery on which it was constructed. 

Credit: Gothamist September 11th Memorial cheeseplate since removed
The September 11th Memorial Museum doesn’t wish to offend anyone, especially the radical Muslims who flew those planes to murder innocents of all races, creeds and colors that awful day! They call for a “day of service” and “remembering 9/11” in our respective communities instead of revisiting the horror of that day and the lessons we were to learn and pass along. I remember one NYPD survivor of Irish decent who told the terrorist to “kiss his Irish ass!”. Where has the patriotic passion gone?

German activist daredevils & teens breech the apparent weak security on bridges and tall buildings in NYC. What have we learned? Why did we forget? Better yet, how could the NYPD forget? If these stunts had been committed the day after 9/11, the jokers may not have lived to humiliate NY’s Finest by boasting about it!

Many other evildoers cashed in on 9/11. Some made a business of applying for 9/11 benefits meant for the real heroes. Some enterprising wannabe survivors turned grief into fortune creating senseless non-profits as their own cottage industries of wealth. Where are all those charities today?  

Neither losing his life on 9/11, losing his liberty during three years incarceration nor three additional years supervised probation has prevented Bernie Kerik from his wrongdoing. It has been reported Bernie is currently under investigation for contempt charges in the USA v Bernard Kerik case. Now that Bernie has been to prison and reportedly in desperate need of cash, he may claim PTSD or depression with 9/11 as the cause to get it! Perhaps that’s why he doesn’t work a steady job and allegedly volunteers his time to CNN and the other Drive-by media outlets.I wrote about this in this very blog. As a convicted felon with two years probation remaining with outstanding debt of his own criminal fine, be allowed to collect funds from 9/11 entitlements of NYS Worker’s Compensation and/or

New York State Worker’s Compensation Board World Trade Center Registry

September 11th Victim Compensation Fund
Did 9/11 prove Bernard Kerik a hero or expose him as a zero? Bernard Kerik wrote, from prison, a narrative on his September 11th experience comparing it to the “gates of hell”. 9/11 happened to Bernard Kerik. He happened to be the Commissioner of NYPD that awful day. He escaped as thousands of others did that day, saving himself, running in the direction of safety. 

Bernard Kerik NYPD Commissioner

Bernard Kerik never dug in the heaps of flesh and toxicity in the ruins of the World Trade Center Twin Towers. However, there are plenty of photo-ops of him posing smelling flags, chasing after Giuliani and grabbing awards. I never saw his white starched shirts dirty. However, the drive-by media searched for and created a false hero and the 9/11 spotlight would soon expose his “dirty”. Bernard Kerik made millions off the book and publicity of 9/11. Bernard Kerik was dirty back in 1997 and was dirty on09/11/01 but not from digging in the toxic piles of the World Trade Towers. He was dirty by his own choosing every day. Bernard Kerik was reportedly too busy committing adultery simultaneously with two women in an luxury apartment overlooking the death heaps as the real heroes worked and toiled.

Credit: New York Daily News Bernard Kerik Judith Regan
Bernard Kerik retired quickly after 9/11 so as to profit from his new-found “celebrity”. For Bernard KerikSeptember 11th was purposed and destined spotlight on his dirty hands, greed and self-serving arrogance turning “Never forget” into totally forgettable and regrettable. Bernie Kerik, during one of his dreck media whining tours, said his “downfall” came when he was vetted for the nomination to U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security. No, I think it was the lying during the vetting of the nomination that may have been the downfall. Nonetheless, Bernie Kerik’s true bad character and morals would not have been exposed but for September 11th.  

Today Bernard Kerik is a convicted ex-con still doing his dirty work of contempt and harassment. Bernie, disgraced dirty cop, out of prison remains with no shame or repentance for his crime. Today, Bernie Kerik has the “brass ones” in the fledgling attempt to turn his crime into cash by preaching “prison reform”! Yes, I said “brass ones”.! September 11th put a spotlight on that evil too. In my personal experience, Bernard Kerik is no better than ISIS. At least you know ISIS is evil! 

I remember 9/11 as a time of shock, grief and anger eventually molded into a beautiful patriotic fight for justice and extermination of evildoers under a President who put his citizens before himself. I remember back in the day when I truly felt Bernard Kerik was a brave, self-made super-cop and hero in the rough. Today, the painful reality has set in for all of us as the September 11th spotlight shines…

On this 13th anniversary, I remember those who lost an innocent loved one who had no spotlight but simply went to work and did not come home. Their survivors did not make a business or a headline in their deaths. None were made a drive-by media hero caught up in the greed of idol worship. I pray for the true heroes who perished and survivors of 9/11. Some are still mourning, suffering and dying to this day. They are the light and the hope. I also remember the Evildoers as they appear to teach us valuable lessons to protect us from all evil. Let not the remaining evildoers of this world, ex-con Bernard Kerik included, diminish that light!

NEVER FORGET the Evildoers, our collective suffering, survival and lessons of September 11th  .  Shine the light!

Amen and Shalom….