Bernard Kerik Thank You for the Inspirational Anniversary Gifts

August 31, 2014

Dear Bernie, 

Hey Pal, thank you for the lovely anniversary gifts!

This week marks the one year anniversary of, the blog, was just as “accidental” as my relationship with Federal Prison inmate Bernard Kerik 84888-054. It was never planned but an outgrowth of pain, venue for truth-telling against harassment/slander and a plea for healing.

I wish to thank each reader. I do appreciate the support and the many well wishes along the way.

Special thanks goes to Len Levitt of , a superlative journalist full of integrity, who was kind enough to hear my pain and include mention of my blog in his weekly column. (“Bernie’s Secret Lady“)

My biggest thanks, surprisingly, goes to felon liar Bernard Kerik.  On this anniversary, he has given me the most precious and valuable lessons of a lifetime. Please allow me tell you about each gift Bernie has given me. Forgive my re-gifting hoping the next of Bernie Kerik’s victims will be alerted before it’s too late:

Bernard Kerik lies…a lot..Bernard Kerik has an aversion to truth. He is not to be trusted. Ask Rudy Guiliani about that.

Bernard Kerik is dishonest in even the alleged closest loving relationships of his life. He is not to be trusted. Ask Hala Kerik, Bernie’s ex-wives, girlfriends and various jump offs about that.

Bernard Kerik is an emotional retard. He doesn’t feel anything. Bernie Kerik is a coward when it comes to humanness. He saves himself first. Ask his children – especially the one he deserted while in the military serving in Korea over 40 years ago – about that.

Bernard Kerik has a perverted sense of right and wrong. Ask all the cops, corrections officers and inmates he’s hurt or cheated about that.

Bernie Kerik has a perverted sense of loyalty. If you won’t do wrong or lie for him, he will attempt to defame then destroy you. Ask Joe Tacopina about that.

Bernard Kerik hasn’t changed even after the disgrace of going to prison. Bernard Kerik is ripe for contempt. Ask the Judd Burstein, US Federal Probation and the US Attorneys of the Southern District of NY about that.

You can survive felon liar Bernard Kerik. Asked me about that.

Happy Anniversary Bernie! Thanks for all the invaluable anniversary gifts, Pal! My God is a great bookkeeper and I pray your gifts from HIM and Kharma should be forthcoming soon!

Bernard Kerik Forever lasts prison letters about three years

Bernard Kerik prison letters
Bernard Kerik Bernie Kerik

Bernard Kerik NYPD Police Commissioner hat coin gifts Bernard Kerik

Bernard Kerik handwritten prison letters to me archives