USA v Bernard Kerik Contempt charges being pursued against Bernie Kerik

August 1, 2014
The government is pursuing their contempt of court charges against Bernard Kerik and his attorney Timothy Parlatore. This is the second time Bernard Kerik has been suspected of contempt of court. The last time, in 2009, his bail was revoked and he sat in a Westchester NY jail in protective custody. This time Bernard Kerik is on federal probation. 

In a recent post here, I wrote “Bernard Kerik describes USA v Bernard Kerik Prosecutors “giddy school girls” Bernard Kerik describes USA v Bernard Kerik Prosecutors giddy schoolgirls Well, the “giddy school girls” (no disrespect intended) are filing for answers from Kerik!

As someone who has also been harassed and defamed by Bernard Kerik, I say it’s about time Bernard Kerik takes responsibility for the darker side of his life. Bernard Kerik is one bad guy. Bernie, the “reformation” begins with the man in the mirror!