Bernard Kerik defenseless against USA and Preet Bharara

August 2, 2014

Hey Bern, despite the defamation and harassment you and your thug friends have been sending my way recently, let me give you some advice:

When your government, in the country you profess to love so much, who not only prosecuted you but put you in prison, makes a protective order to not read or disseminate any info from a particular portion of your USA v Bernard Kerik file, maybe you should obey for once in your life!
Your self-minded arrogance is running amouk with your hubris dragging your dumb ass back in the direction of prison. What is wrong with you?
It shows the desperate lengths you will go to hurt a man, Joe Tacopina, who was once your great friend, defender and supporter. This ex-pal takes note of that as does the world and any jury assembled in any case against you. If only you had not tried to hurt him and exact that fruitless and dumb revenge by filing that meaningless lawsuit and spreading your hate!? How do I know? The attempts to hurt and defame are very familiar to me of late. I think in the vernacular of our former careers, they called that your “M.O.”
As shown in this pathetic legal Yada Yada, you and your attorney are defenseless against Preet Bharara…once again. So sad…
If you thought you’d make a good prison reformer the last time out of prison, we can only guess how much more pathetic felon pitchman you will be surviving the second..