Why Bernard Kerik is DEAD WRONG about Prison Reform; RIP Jersey City Officer Melvin Santiago

July 17, 2014

In response to the recent killing of Jersey City Officer Melvin Santiago, Bernard Kerik took to his “featured blog” on Huffington Post Crime (Safer Streets and Communities Start at Home: Huffington Post Crime Blog) to go on a wild and DIVERGENT tangent with utter gibberish about parenting and teaching civics. Is Bernard Kerik trying to say all this cop killer needed was better parenting and a civics class? This, from the former hero cop, NYC Corrections Commissioner and NYPD Commissioner? (I am not naming the cop killer because this blogger is not going to contribute to making thug killer assassins “famous”) 

This killing is not about parenting or civics, Bernard Kerik! This killing was not just about a thug coward wanting to be famous. This slaying of Officer Santiago is about a society moving the lines of right and wrong for the sake of Presidential Pardons, votes, money and power. We need to turn our sensibilities back to right and wrong. It’s about getting tough on criminals and restoring shame and punishment for wrong-doing!

I owe it to the memory of Jersey City fallen rookie Officer Melvin Santiago,who gave his life to uphold the law, to “call a thang a thang”.

For the last year Bernard Kerik has been whining in support of leniency in sentencing and the granting of government entitlements to “non-violent drug offenders”. According to all reports, on paper, Officer Santiago’s assassin would be classified a “non-violent drug offender” having been released from jail the past January on the second of two arrests for selling drugs on school property. Make no mistake; Every “non-violent drug offender” is one gang, one desperate fix, one bad trip or one short sale away from violence! The killer had recently been a suspect in a homicide, obviously following this dangerous pattern. This is why our representatives should think carefully before supporting and enacting such legislation. (http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/jersey-city-police-officer-killed-line-duty-reports-article-1.1864902

Every honest officer will admit an ambush – head shot is their biggest fear. There is no amount of training, tactics, intelligence or awareness that can protect any officer from an ambush head shot. It is deadly. There is a big problem in Jersey City when thugs and gangs feel emboldened to assassinate and ambush police officers. It’s time to get tougher, not more lenient!

As the world mourns Jersey City NJ Rookie Officer Melvin Santiago, it’s time to respect his memory and legacy with all due tributes with sympathy for his family and survivors.

Most rookie officers haven’t enough time on the job to prove a lasting legacy. This is not the case for fallen rookie Officer Melvin Santiago. In his name, let’s restore the shame, punishment and deterrence to all crime! It shouldn’t be about “only had five grams of drugs” but NO drugs! It should not be about wiping the wrongdoing from a record but living with it to tell others how awful life is because you broke the law! It’s about right and wrong! There’s no middle ground in right or wrong! This killer was already a two-time offender! Who among reasonable people would think that was one time too many if it could have spared Officer Santiago’s life?

Officer Santiago, your legacy should be young men and women serving their community as you did! Your legacy will be young men and women reading about you knowing good can prevail. Your legacy should be a young man from Jersey City who chose good over evil and right from wrong. You service will neither be in vain nor forgotten! Let’s not let politics, political correctness or any other selfish agenda to roadblock Officer Melvin Santiago’s true legacy!

What is wrong with America? This is not a black or white issue. It is about law and building a peaceful, productive society. Why are we going to tolerate sacrificing good and decent people like Officer Santiago to Hug-A-Thug? Criminals should admit their guilt, want to stay out of jail, beg forgiveness, be very busy making restitution and creating a productive life. If they can’t or won’t , let’s build as many jails as necessary until the message is sent! Bernard Kerik, I call B.S. on your prison reform in memory and in the legacy of a rookie Officer Melvin Santiago.