Bernard Kerik cashes in off the backs of inmates he left behind

July 22, 2014
Bernard Kerik cashes in off the backs of inmates he left behind 
I’m not the only victim of Bernard Kerik and I won’t be the last.
Self-Proclaimed Reformer, Liar Felon Bernard Kerik is cashing in off the backs of the inmates he left behind.  
During his three years incarceration. Bernard Kerik, with malicious intention, did deliberately manipulate me out of $93000 commissary monetary support, goods and services. In addition, felon Bernard Kerik had been making money off my work product, concepts, talking points, editing and writing without amends, permission, credit or compensation. The same could be said for every inmate he promised he’d help. Bernard Kerik exploits their stories as examples with no compensation or credit.
Here are some examples of those who are making money off the backs of me and those felons by hiring liar felon Bernard Kerik with full knowledge of his criminal background and intentions.
Senator Rand Paul apparently hired felon Bernard Kerik, through
Rand Paul hires felon Bernard Kerik

Penn State Forum Speaking
Penn State hires Bernard Kerik to speak

Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster is publishing Bernard Kerik’s fantasy from “jailer to jailed”. It may or may not include my work. My legal counsel has been advised. 
Bernard Kerik From jailer to Jailed Threshold Editions
Bernard Kerik From jailer to Jailed Threshold Editions Simon&Schuster

I can understand Threshold Editions, Simon & Schuster hawking Kerik’s book. They would sell any words to make a buck. People buy that crap all the time. 
I totally understand Penn State. They reportedly protected Pedophile Jerry Sandusky for years. Penn State apparently can’t turn away a true criminal.
I am most surprised by Senator Rand Paul. Senators are models of trust and righteousness. Very disappointing. Supporting Bernard Kerik is supporting a very bad thing. Time will tell. My God is a very good bookkeeper. Thy will be done.
A person close to Bernard Kerik once cautioned me he has a pattern of using people for whatever he wants from them, lying, cheating, manipulating then discarding them from his life. Ask his ex-wives, Joe Tacopina or Rudy Giuliani about that. I didn’t listen. Just as Jerry Sandusky’s victims, it felt good so I didn’t realize he was hurting me with evil manipulation. I’m paying the price and have taken responsibility for my bad choices. 
Now the world knows the truth. No excuses.