Felon Bernard Kerik, his front steps and his new CRIMINAL attorney

May 13, 2014
While incarcerated, during our numerous visits in Cumberland, Bernie often complained about the great financial burden resulting in defending himself in Federal court. Bernie explained he was so broke his $2million Franklin Lakes, NJ estate had multiple liens from several of his defense lawyers. The running joke was the only part of the house he still owned was the front steps! 
Well the jet-setting volunteer justice reformer, flag-waiving, unemployed, possibly disabled (vcf.gov), 8-time-convicted felon has “retained” notable “Madison Avenue” CRIMINAL defense attorney Timothy C. Parlatore for all three of his “civil” actions pending in the US NY Southern District. Mr. Parlatore is associated with notable attorneys Ronald Fischetti, Bruce Cutler (attorney to Mobster John Gotti) and an old pal of Rikki Klieman (aka Mrs. Commissioner Bill Bratton), Eddie Hayes. One must surmise Mr. Parlatore may have just signed up to own the Kerik estate front steps! 
Parlatore’s latest popular case, ironically enough, was as criminal attorney defending one of the knucklehead base jumpers off the new World Trade Center building. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Parachuters-World-Trade-Center-Arrest.html# 
I know Bernie Kerik and a bit of what is in that file. Bernard Kerik should be very careful for what he wishes. He may just get it. 
Bernie’s alleged prison pimp manipulation of $93,000 and his vow and direct threat to me to “destroy my life”, and resulting actions, have made this past year a very challenging and stressful one, both emotionally and financially. Bernie’s hiring of a CRIMINAL defense attorney for three “civil” cases gives credence to the possibility of exposure and investigation possibly resulting in criminal charges and/or discovery of possible probation violations. I have always relied on God being a great “bookkeeper”. From where I stand, it couldn’t happen to a more deserving felon!
Bernard Kerik Attorney Timothy Parlatore www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com
Bernard Kerik Attorney Appearance www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com
Bernard Kerik Attorney Appearance www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com
Bernard Kerik Attorney Appearance www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com