Bernard Kerik’s losing legal battle may prove only Self-Defamation

May 16, 2014
I spent three years of my life, during Bernie’s incarceration, researching “USA v Bernard Kerik” and all related cases including the DiTomasso trials and Caruso civil case. Bernie declared to me I knew his case better than some of his attorneys. 
I’ve just reviewed Judd Burstein’s latest filing of 05/15/14 “Declaration in support re: 29 motion for Sanctions”. 
I was shocked and concerned at the reading of this filing. The exhibits attached are thorough, stark and very revealing. I can’t believe whatever Bernie hopes to gain in bringing this action would be worth the very negative re-exposure of all this old dirty laundry! 
These documents prove Bernie Kerik is a liar. This is not exactly breaking news, especially to yours truly. However, these documents prove Bernie may have lied to his own attorney! That can never be a good thing.
Has Bernie come undone? Inmate and felon Bernard Kerik had the opportunity to be released back into the world with a fair opportunity to “know better and do better”, as Oprah would say. Bernie had a chance to live a peaceful, productive life. Instead he’s done something very foolish on taking this legal action, doomed to fail, once again, dragging himself and his family through the muck of his seedy past! 
Q: Why? 
A: Greed, hubris, self-minded arrogance, lack of humility and right-fighting desperation. Bernie just can’t quit himself!
It appears, Mr. Tacopina was absolutely defamed. However, Bernie Kerik may realize a more harmful result in effect: that of self-defamation.