Bernard Kerik on Prison Reform: Wrong, Dumb, Liar or all three? ;Bernie Kerik Unchallenged by Drive-By Media

March 12, 2014
Bernard Kerik on Prison Reform: Wrong, Dumb, Liar or all three? ; Unchallenged by Drive-By Media

Since last November, 2013, when Bernard Kerik began his whining “I’m-not-makin-nothin-off-of-this-prison reform effort”, I’ve heard repeated times the examples Kerik cites supporting prison reform.
Some of these examples Kerik cited were:
  • The guy “who sold a whale’s tool” on EBay
  • The 21 year old marine sniper who sold his night vision goggles on EBay
  • A commercial fisherman who was allegedly in prison with Bernie  who “caught too many fish”

Some of these examples are mentioned in Bernie’s “white paper”.  However, there are no citations to identify these cases nor are there case filing numbers. There aren’t even names cited! Each one of these examples have gone without serious challenge by some of the most respected news journalists and news networks in the business as well as CPAC! The Drive-by media is alive and well and on the side of this eight-time convicted felon and his prison reform agenda.

To put it politely, my own personal experience with Bernard Kerik is that truth is not his strong suit. I can only speculate it was not Kerik’s intention to deliberately deceive the millions of viewers and respected journalists to whom he’s been preaching since his release last May, 2013. From my personal and intimate working relationship with Bernie, I must attest he’s not too bright. He’s loose with the facts. He’s lost without an academic guide, preferably a female, to create the final product.

Bernie is desperate for his Presidential pardon and perks that come with all this prison reform gum smacking so let me assist the nation here. I’ve researched the federal database and supporting internet searches. Based upon my research, I could not find much support for Bernard Kerik’s “truth”……
         The guy “who sold a whale’s tooth on EBay” is probably David Place. Supporting documents show Mr. Place before a “federal jury in Boston convicted him of eight counts including conspiracy and violating a law against trading in illegally captured wildlife” to the tune of $400,000 (that must have been one giant tooth! Ha!) His co-conspirator, who was working from Ukraine, served federal time and was later deported.

·       The “21 year old marine sniper who sold his night vision goggles on EBay” could not be located to the best of my research. However I did locate a very similar case. Douglas Rubsam, 32, who is suspected of stealing military property worth more than $100,000 and selling it via the online auction site, according to court records. Again, those must have been some special goggles at $100,000! Read about it here:
o    By the way, Bernard Kerik made his 9/11 reputation as America’s Top Cop. I am disappointed as all law enforcement and military should be. It is the lives of true heroes in jeopardy should night vision goggles fall into the enemies’ hands in the war on terror in Iraq. Bernard Kerik should know this better than anyone but he’s just dumb and wrong on this point.
       As for the “commercial fisherman who was allegedly in prison with Bernie who “caught too many fish”; I just couldn’t locate this inmate. The case I did find was “John L. Yates, 59, of Holmes Beach, was found with 72 undersized red grouper aboard his commercial fishing vessel, Miss Katie, in federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico”. Instead of bringing in his load to be inspected as the authorities demanded, Mr. Yates commanded his crew to dump them. He served 30 days and is appealing his case.           

I was shocked and disappointed not one journalist challenged Bernard Kerik on his facts. Who really believes a “black kid from DC” would get 10 years prison time for 5 grams worth “nickel” of cocaine? Chances are good it wasn’t his first offense or there were other factors in the case just as the three above-captioned cases.

I would hate to think the agenda of prison reform is cruising by the facts.  But I must ask, is Bernard Kerik’s failure to support his prison reform agenda with legitimate examples mean he’s wrong, dumb, a liar or all three? The viewers and American public deserve to know before the drive-by media hails him a champion of this cause . I learned from painful,  personal experience, to never take Bernard Kerik at his word. It’s not worth even, say, 5 grams…..Perhaps some diligent journalist will ask Bernard Kerik to justify his supporting examples on his prison reform agenda.