Bernard Kerik et al : Hero Interrupted; His Irrational DesperateObsessed Desire for Worship & Love

March 10, 2014
My cherished, quiet, sweet, joyful, balanced and fulfilling life was recently interrupted, once again, allegedly by the eight-time convicted felon on probation and his thug friends aka “Bernard Kerik et al”. To the public Bernie is a great pretender touting charity, doing fancy free lunch in NYC, flag-waving and smacking gums on prison reform. Bernard Kerik has shown me the threatening manipulating ugly aggressive unhappy felon he is and I believe him. I’ve had no direct contact with Bernie since 07/09/13 when he threatened to “destroy my life”. I’ve blocked all phone calls, email, text, blog comments, etc. from him and all of our mutual relationships. However, to this day and in violation of his present probation, Bernie continues to attempt to contact me (some may want to say “stalking”) allegedly through “friends” in letters to a private address only he knew. Bernie Kerik proves to be incapable of letting go. I’m apparently still renting major space in his head. Yes, it creates a space that is, for me and my family, dysfunctional, anxiety-ridden and unsafe . Yes, he is at risk of violating his three year probation. Yes, it’s damn scary he’s still attempting to communicate with me.  Yes,  I have every confidence in law enforcement and the Federal Probation authorities to investigate and appropriately punish the perpetrators. I am in receipt of a cryptic and creepy 3-page manifesto composed of a personal, detailed, draconian, dilusional, threatening vile rant against me. The most dangerous and crafty criminals are those angry convicted felons and inner circle thugs who know the law and feel above it, with little left to lose…

Here is the envelope. The ranting ugly manifesto was unsigned with no letterhead and, as shown, lacking return address on the envelope.  Cowards!

The postmark is clear. Needless to say, if anyone knows any information on the composition or mailing of this letter, a potential violation of Bernard Kerik’s probation, please report that information to law enforcement or Federal probation immediately. I certainly would appreciate that. If Bernard Kerik et al are compelled to risk Bernie’s liberty and/or have Bernie return to jail, so be it. I’ll certainly sign off on that if that’s the only option to regain civility and peace in my life.

I pity my former “pal”, Bernard Kerik. Obviously, by his continued public whining and lack of stable employment, his life still sucks and apparently sinking fast. Most felons on probation are required to have steady employment  and positive associations to encourage a productive life. Otherwise, there’s too much free time to engage in negative behavior. It’s such a waste of a human life squandered by aggressive behaviors encourage by a gang of celebrity thugs, his own narcissism, dysfunction, unproductive time combined with an obsessed, desperate desire to be in the spotlight, worshiped, idolized and loved by the public.  
Bernie always relied on my opinion and best advice. It would do us all a lot of good if I repeat the advice I gave him in consultation while he was imprisoned:
  • Stop doing stupid shit to bring shame on him, family, friends & career prospects!
  • Admit he broke the law, apologize, and commit to living an honest, legitimate, law-abiding life.
  • Make genuine amends and restitution to those he has hurt along the way.
I am a private person. Bernard Kerik chooses to make his living in the public eye. That is indeed a legal distinction. I declare and assert my First Amendment rights to an honest and well cited opinion inclusive in the tradition of free speech. The truth hurts but is also a path to human growth and healing. Bernard Kerik may NOT control me into silence. You see, Bernie wants to craft the story and contort it to suit his needs. He was apparently able to do that in “The Lost Son” but truth wins today. Besides, that’s not how history works. Trust and believe, I will always be here to provide the truth backed up with original and exclusive documents written by Bernard Kerik. Bernard Kerik no longer has influence or control over me. That scares him manifesting this anger and rage perpetuated by him and his ugly thug has-been entourage. My concerns are now “on the record”. 

Now…back to recapturing and sustaining my great life…