Bernard B. Kerik: Reflections of 9/11/2001 Commentary

September 11, 2013
    1.   the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.

To honor the 9/11 anniversary, Bernard Kerik merely posted a reprint of his 09/11/11 blog entry from “Reflections of 9/11/2001”.  Following the bounty of accolades and wealth brought by his prominent role in 9/11, we must consider the last decade of criminal prosecution resulting in his unprecedented prison sentence. (As of late, it appears he has left that last decade of his life off the curriculum vitae.) Bernard Kerik apparently lacks any earned wisdom, thoughts, feelings, lessons or emotion about this tragic day in accounting for his recent past. Is his repeated regurgitation of “I, me, mine” all he may offer in response to this most significant life event essentially responsible for both his “meteoric rise and fall from grace”? Bernard Kerik owes society more than flashback of self-indulging, arrogant grandeur, reprints and re-runs.

Bernard Kerik was and is, indeed, a hero of 9/11. He personally told me of his tremendous grief and deep regret of losing “his 23 officers” on his watch. I was and still convinced of his pain on this huge loss especially in speaking of all the children who would be growing up without their mothers and fathers. I believe, to this moment, the grief was heartfelt and genuine. I won’t and can’t honestly deny that fact or attempt change history. 

However, what happens to a hero when he stops being a hero? (self-gratification, gluttony, photos, flags, awards, knighthoods, headlines, “noun-verb-911”, a making-money charity, media frenzy, photo-op, big house, reality show, best-sellers, a trophy wife, living beyond one’s means, doing lunch, not doing taxes, nannies, flagrant adultery and an arrogant felonious aftermath.) I submit the choice to bypass the smooth road of denial so as to travel the bumpy road of redemption is the true path to heroism. True heroes do not squander that opportunity! True heroes remember others over themselves. True heroes have the humbling ability and courage to absorb, repent, make amends and carry on with a nourished, rehabilitated heart and rejuvenated spirit without regard for reward, reputation or recognition.

Breaking News for Bernie: It’s not about Bernard Kerik! Tragedies, mistakes and losses are a valuable part of the human condition in our lives providing learning opportunities and offers of redemption. Of course, it takes guts to humble oneself to this change. Bernard Kerik’s reprint of the “same old” displays a sad, pathetic rejection of this opportunity. 

It is reasonable association to remember Bernie in regards to this day. However, 9/11/2001 is not about any single one of us but all of us. Today, my own personal pain and loss as well as this blog of healing and catharsis seems trivial and selfish in comparison to the loss of life and the lingering anguish of those who survived that tragic day in America.

As defined above, “reflections do not require absorption”.  9/11 should not be reflected but absorbed….

Let us pray. Let us work for love, lessons, forgiveness, healing, honesty, freedom, truth, justice, compassion and peace….

Below-captioned is a Corrlinks email Bernie sent while in prison to John Picciano remarking on 09/11/2012 on which he copied me and perhaps others.  He was watching television coverage all day and noticed his image was not appearing in most B-roll footage. (Yes, that was apparently his only impression summing up another tragic anniversary). He also was concerned about not receiving his release date. He ends with a mutual, selfish “nobody understands Poor Bernie” sentiment between him and John regarding their participation on 9/11. As usual, it’s all about him…