The Farse that is Bernard Kerik, Newsmax and From Jailer To Jailed Bestseller Boast

April 17, 2015

Newsmax has proclaimed Bernard Kerik’s book, “From Jailer to Jailed” a “bestseller”! ….uhm…at the  If you were thinking NY Times, Amazon or Barnes & Noble you would be wrong! (

In the spirit of Newsmax’s typical deception, exaggeration and unashamed conservative landslide opinions, Newsmax has, once again, decided it is because they’ll preach and broadcast over and over to make it so! 
To add insult to deception, is the fact that Bernie’s book is ranked 8th on this ridiculous little list in this very limited category. 

You see the TRUTH is that America see Bernie Kerik for what he is: fake phony fraudster with a broken moral compass and some shady friends still willing to make money off their old corrupt felonious friend! 

Here are the true hardcover and kindle rankings, respectively, at time of writing from a legitimate retail distributor:

I allege Bernard Kerik is using my writing, talking points and work product in this book without permission, credit or compensation. Given the tank in the sales, perhaps I should thank God for unanswered prayers!