Most felons kill with guns. Felon Bernard Kerik kills souls andreputations

April 9, 2015

Most felons kill with guns. Felon Bernard Kerik kills souls and reputations

As Captain Obvious, felon on probation, liar, accused plagiarist, Bernard Kerik, was babbling about “This Year’s Most Disgusting Book” ( From Jailer to Jailed), I do what I always need to do when Bernie hits a milestone in his career felon status: complete police reports for threats and harassment from him and his holster lickers. Yes, the 40th NYPD Commissioner, threatens and harasses me, through a seedy harem of bitches, seemingly to intimidate me  into  abandoning my freedom of speech and rights to the words I’ve written for him in his new book. The nasty bitches employ the eight-grade tactics of sub-tweeting lies thinking they are ruining my reputation. Or they set up phone lines to divulge my personal information to strangers. Nice, right? These are crimes and a direct violation of Bernie’s probation. There are statutes against such behavior but I must admit it’s been a challenge even finding a probation officer in the U.S. Federal Probation office, Newark, NJ that actually has the interest, intelligence and the balls it takes to violate a true thug like Bernie Kerik and his bitches in this little coercion. Rest assured, it’s on the top of my “To Do” list as we speak…
However, even in the midst of all this chaos, one local law enforcement officer dutifully asked if Bernard Kerik has any guns and if I thought he would kill me. I replied, in a spontaneous utterance, Maybe. Then, I explained further:

You see most felons kill with guns. Felon Bernard Kerik kills souls and reputations; His daughters. His wife. His Police Department. Joe Tacopina. Rudy Giuliani. Me.
“The biggest lesson out of this is the threat we face, the threat continues — and how important it is that we stay on top of it.” – Bernard Kerik