Exclusive Kerik on Giuliani From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check Inner Circle Review

March 29, 2015

Exclusive Kerik On Giuliani From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check

Felon Bernard Kerik’s defamation co-defendants, the New York Daily News, did him a solid by releasing the “exclusive” on Bernie’s new book. Of course, Bernie, in true felon fashion, took his first jump out of the gate to throw his former brother, friend, mentor and Godfather of his girls, under the biggest bus in Franklin Lakes New Jersey. 

Since Bernard Kerik and I had co-written portions of this book while he was incarcerated, I, and my legal counsel, have a special interest in its contents as I understand Bernie is using my work product, talking points, etc WITHOUT my permission, credit or compensation. Stay Tuned on that one. My first impression was if this was the “exclusive” tease of “From Jailer to Jailed” aka “the juicy part” to sell the book, it fell terribly flat with me. Of course, being in Bernie’s inner circle for three years of his incarceration offers me a very limited, “exclusive”, if you will, perspective. 

Everyone knows Rudy Giuliani has been throwing shade on Bernie since at least December of 2004 when Bernie’s thug BFF, John Picciano, bolted from Giuliani Partners over some pesky unpaid loans. Of course we have to dig into the archives of the New York Post and NYPDConfidential.com to find that truth. I know from personal experience, thug John Picciano, is Bernie’s henchman and chief harasser. So I don’t doubt Rudy’s ousting of him from Giuliani Partners was absolutely warranted at the time. It appears Bernie forgets to inform readers Giuliani and he were on the outs for years. It’s unlikely Rudy Giuliani was kiss and make up by receiving a Christmas present of a statue years later. Rudy is a smart man and he knows a manipulating hustle when he sees one, Christmas or not. 

My other observations about this “exclusive” excerpt are from a personal perspective. I must disclaim I do know Bernie Kerik better than most people and the following is based upon that wisdom born of pain. 

First of all, Bernie often uses his kids to voice his thoughts. Alleged quotes from his younger girls from the age of six can’t be vetted and are hard to dispute because his younger daughters are just the cutest. However, does Bernie really want us to believe a 6-year-old speaks in complete sentences, remembering a statue in the oval office? It could have happened but even Stevie Wonder can see quoting sweet, innocent young girls can’t be documented but can be handy when facts are loose. When Bernie and I were writing together we had heated disputes about using his kids as back-up. I found it distasteful. Bernie found it convenient without looking into the future for ramification of perhaps putting words in his kids’ mouths they may have to account for later in life. I mean, haven’t they been through enough already?

Secondly, was Bernie’s description of his separation with Rudy in blaming the “impact of politics on relationship” for the break. Politics? Really Bernie? These two men almost died together on 9/11. I always thought that was a bond no man could put asunder, except Bernie, himself. I never tried to illicit any details about Bernie and Rudy. I knew it hurt Bernie, deeply. That I know for a fact. I never wanted to make Bernie sad or angry in the visiting rooms of Cumberland MD federal prison. Bernie would only say they hadn’t talked and he hadn’t heard from Rudy. Bernie hoped Rudy would check on his family while Bernie was incarcerated. I was vocal on my strong feelings to Bernie during prison visitations, to hear Rudy, his being a Catholic and Italian, shirked his God Father responsibilities. (That’s a big deal to those of us who believe the tenents of Catholicism. Your Godparents are suppose to protect you in the absence of your parents. Yes, Rudy fell down on this important commitment but not to Bernie, but to his girls. I don’t judge Rudy. From where I sit now, I understand he may have had good reason, as I have. ) Bernie listened but would not comment. Inmate 84888-054 would only lean forward in his chair, clench his hands, bow his head and discreetly shake his head. 

I know from personal experience Bernie’s deceptions, shaky moral compass and lies by omission can interfere with any honest, loving relationship. It did with mine. And I suspect it did, big time, with Rudy. Bernie’s definition of love and loyalty requires his best friends to go along with a lie, a deception or be left emotionally crushed when the discovery of his wrong doings is exposed. Notice Bernie takes no responsibility for his part in the split, nor apologizes to Rudy for any inconvenience caused to Rudy when Bernie Kerik was breaking laws and ruining reputations. 

When Bernie Kerik was “humbled” in prison, he was perfectly lovable to the limits he knows love. Bernie writes fantasy and porn in the most touching ways. That’s the love with which he is most comfortable. 

Bernard Kerik Prison Porn Letter explains why he cheats www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

Bernard Kerik Prison Porn Letter explains why he cheats www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

Bernard Kerik Prison Porn Letter explains why he cheats www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

Bernard Kerik Prison Porn Letter explains why he cheats www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

Bernard Kerik Prison Porn Letter explains why he cheats www.DoingTimeWithBernie.com

However, there’s a disconnect when it comes to reality and intimacy outside of sex. Bernie Kerik doesn’t emote. Bernie’s biggest fears are feelings of true authentic love and the vulnerability a soul must embrace to “feel”. A therapist may explain this with Bernie’s separation from his natural mother at a young age. Bernie has issues with most personal relationships. Rudy Giuliani and Joe Tacopina can attest to that. That theory fits but Bernie hasn’t done the hard work to fix it. I know the crashing and bitter disappointment of putting your love and trust in Bernie Kerik. Bernie separates from those who have trusted and loved him the most. It’s the one thing about Bernie with which I am most sad. We all deserve more from him. I know under there is a wonderful man deserving of a functional successful life. Bernie patrols the perimeter of that land. That Bernie is fleeting and buried under years of his manipulation, broken hearts, dirty deals, adultery and crimes. 

BB, we all deserve more. The book we wrote was going to be honest, true, powerful and riveting. As usual, Bernie writes what he wants you to hear but transparency, emotional connection, repentance and that “genuine self” honesty was, once again, left in the recycle bin. Another squandered opportunity to turn it around, BB. Sad. So very sad.