Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Who wrote it better? Spoiler Alert

March 9, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check: Who wrote it better? Possible Spoiler Alert

Felon liar Bernard Kerik is slated to published another “memoir” at the end of the month entitled “From Jailer to Jailed”.You’ve read in earlier posts on this blog about my significant contribution to the daily writing, editing, talking points composition, typing, mailing, archiving as well as general work collaboration with Federal Inmate 84888-054 aka Bernard Kerik on almost daily basis for his entire three years incarceration in BOP Cumberland MD. I devoted most of my spare time in service to Bernard Kerik over those days in the creation of this new book and other prospective works as well. 

At his request, I archived our daily writings. Soon after his release on May 27, 2013, he had me send all these final edited documents to him. Shortly after he received the documents, he terminated our intimate relationship He was eventually barred by Federal probation officials from any contact with me due to his and his associates’ threats and harassment. 

Now, apparently with the blessing of Simon and Schuster/Threshold Editions, Bernard Kerik will profiting off his crime reportedly using my work product without credit, permission or compensation. Yes, America is a generous country where an eight-time convicted felon, still on probation, owing over $187,000 in criminal penalties to the country he cheated is allowed to publish a book reportedly plagiarizing the work product of a decent person who helped him when others turned their back! It says a great deal about our country,  Federal Probation,  Simon & Schuster, Threshold Editions but, most of all, about the lack of moral compass of felon liar Bernard Kerik. 

Although I remain emotionally broken and financially strapped from Bernie Kerik’s manipulation (to the tune of about $93,000) I still have my anonymity, my character and my dignity in tact. There is redemption in our great country and its mighty U. S. Constitution. I have a pen and a blog, so I’ll use it!

In the next few weeks up until the publication of “From Jailer to Jailed”, I’ll be publishing the work I wrote for Bernard Kerik. I’ll let the public see if there is a “similarity” in his “new” writing points and mine. Then, perhaps, my legal team will go to work for me. I can be found on twitter @BKerikBlog for your comments. I wish to thank my legal team, family and friends who have supported me in this bold move. It is certainly not what I envisioned when Bernie and I exchanged correspondence while he was incarcerated. Perhaps it will be as healing as my team promises…. So when you see Bernard Kerik, ask him, “Did you have any help writing this?”. 

Contrary to popular belief, if the book contains my work or concepts in any fashion, I hope the book sells well. That means there will be some funds to attach from Bernard Kerik in the civil suit surely to follow… 

Following is the Preface to the book in its final edited form as of May, 2013… 
“Preface” written with Bernard Kerik for new memoir Final Edit May 2013