Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check Crooks, Kings and Kickbacks …allegedly

March 12, 2015

Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed Fact Check Crooks, Kings and Kickbacks …allegedly

Felon liar on probation Bernard Kerik, who has yet to pay his full debt to society, literally, is seemingly profiting off his crimes with the publication of a new book. Yes, brass ones! Recently Bernie Kerik requested of but was ultimately denied by the Southern District of New York early release of his probation claiming he could not find full time employment and was needed overseas to help Middle Eastern countries like Jordan fight ISIS. 

Most thought this was another of Kerik attorney Timmy Parlatore’s extravagant baseless court motions but there appears to be a stronger motivation based upon the alleged personal connection felon Bernard Kerik enjoys with His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan

Credit: Twitter His Majesty King Abdullah II Bernard Kerik

It was back in mid 2013 just days after Bernie’s release from prison. Felon Bernard Kerik was serving and alleged grueling “house arrest” and arranged some “out time” to meet me in Montvale New Jersey of all places! Why Montvale New Jersey? Could it be Bernie just enjoyed the fresh yummy lunches at DePiero’s Farm? Bernie was just out of jail and this meeting was all hush hush mush mush because he was still wearing that pesky ankle bracelet with every move allegedly being monitored by US Federal Probation. Bernie explained he had some “personal business” then would meet me for lunch. Bernard Kerik was accompanied by his lap dog co-dependent double agent friend, a former FBI guy, who acted as Bernie’s witness, chauffeur but, unbeknownst to me at the time,  his main purpose was to keep close tabs on me to protect Bernie and his deceptions to family, probation and the world! 

At that meeting, Bernie explained to me he was visiting the Mercedes Benz USA corporate office in Montvale New Jersey. Bernie was a felon on probation, out of jail, and I wondered how he could afford a Mercedes-Benz? 

Credit: Twitter Mercedes-Benz USA Bernard Kerik

Bernie went on to further explain he had friends like His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan who had need of armored vehicles like those Mercedes Benz USA produces and sells in Montvale New Jersey. 

Credit: Google search Mercedes-Benz USA Bernard Kerik

Bernie explained he arranges for the huge sale of these very expensive armored vehicles to his royal friends oversees and hopefully make a healthy commission off the sale. I think back to all these small casual sources of income when Bernard Kerik whines about being a poor felon on probation, albeit, one who lives in the very white Franklin Lakes, New Jersey in a $2 million estate. 

So what, you say? You see,  to the world, Bernard Kerik likes to portray himself as a suffering poor felon on probation, a target of the government,  scraping to support his family who “volunteers” his time for criminal justice reform unable to find gainful employment. 

In reality Bernard Kerik is a true felon hustler with a shaky moral compass who may not be trusted. There is always an angle leading to Bernie’s Kryptonite, money and sex. Would “part time employment” include a huge commission from a sale of an armored Mercedes-Benz?

Bernie Kerik has a right to make a living in any legal way possible. But should he portray to the world an image of being “put upon” by the United States government resulting in being underemployed and suffering? I think not. He makes a mockery of every felon on probation legitimately attempting to find a routine 9-5 in the real world.  

Bernard Kerik presently owes a reported $187,000 in criminal restitution to this country in USA v Bernard Kerik needed to satisfy his full debt to society. He pays a nominal payment of $250.00 month based upon his financial statement. Bernie Kerik plans to funnel some of these book proceeds into a “non-profit” organization. I wonder who will run that “non-profit” and the salary details of that assignment? Everyone plays. Everyone wins! There’s always an angle and hustle with Bernie Kerik. 

Bernard Kerik USA v Bernard Kerik From Jailer to Jailed

Don’t you think it’s time to re-examine all sources of felon Bernie Kerik’s income? Should he be able to profit off his crime with the sale of a book? We have to wonder what other “benefits” would royal, foreign, wealthy friends like His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan extend to a felon on probation before Bernie pays his full his debt to society? Just asking…